Monday, September 19, 2011

Review: After Obsession by Carrie Jones and Steven E Wedel


  • Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
  • Publication date: 9/13/2011
  • Pages: 320

Aimee and Alan have secrets. Both teens have unusual pasts and abilities they prefer to keep hidden. But when they meet each other, in a cold Maine town, they can't stop their secrets from spilling out. Strange things have been happening lately, and they both feel that something-or someone- is haunting them. They're wrong. Despite their unusual history and powers, it's neither Aimee nor Alan who is truly haunted. It's Alan's cousin Courtney who, in a desperate plea to find her missing father, has invited a demon into her life-and into her body. Only together can Aimee and Alan exorcise the ghost. And they have to move quickly, before it devours not just Courtney but everything around her.

Filled with heart-pounding romance, paranormal activity, and rich teen characters to love-and introducing an exciting new YA voice, Steven Wedel-this novel is exactly what Carrie Jones fans have been waiting for. Meet your next obsession.

My Review

I had really been looking forward to this book for a long time. It sounded really good, and the cover is beautiful. Carrie Jones is also a fantastic writer. It's a story about friendship, love, and sacrifice. About facing your fears, doing what is right, and learning to be true to yourself. Let me just say, this book was fantastic! I love the dual perspective this story is written in. It lets you get much more of the story and keeps you pulled in right from the beginning. It is beautifully done and flows flawlessly from Alan's point of view to Aimee's.

The characters seem very realistic and it's nice to be able to get inside both of their heads and really get a feel for them. It was interesting to read them falling for each other from their own perspectives. How they are so scared of the possession and evil in town, and they are putting protecting their family and friend's before their feelings for each other. Or tying to anyways. They need each other to get rid of this evil spirit that has haunted the town for a very long time. They will need to use both Aimee's healing power and Alan's ability to get rid of the evil spirit with the help of his spirit guide. I could not put this book down. It was spooky, touching, and funny at times. A great read for teens and adults. Go out and get this book you won't regret it.


  1. I recently won this book in a contest and was intrigued by the cover but wasn't sold on the summary. Your review definitely made me want to think about picking it up again - thanks! :)

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