Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Monday

We were all feeling a little lazy today after going to a friends wedding last night. Makayla had a blast dancing, and we were out over an hour past her normal bedtime so it has been a nice lazy family day today. We went to my sister in laws house for lunch and then came home and just kinda hung out. I was going to write about books today, but have decided against it. I don't really know which book I want to review first, and also I have read so many books recently that were really good, but they aren't quite fresh in my mind. So, I have decided instead to write a few posts with book recommendations and just have a short basic description of them. I will do maybe lists of 5 until I am up to the most recent books I am reading, and them I will do actual book reviews. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. (if you got a long weekend)


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