Thursday, September 15, 2011

What I went through for a dumb dress

Ok so this is a random, infuriating, and funny story. Being the idiot that I am I waited until a week before my friend's wedding to think about the fact I need a dress to wear that is dressy enough. I am not a person who dresses up very often so I don't have dressy clothes, I buy them when I need them. I don't really want to go to the mall because it's almost an hour drive and dealing with a toddler while trying on dresses isn't that fun. So I go online and find a cute dress that is inexpensive (because really, I don't want to spend a bunch of money on a dress I will probably only wear once or twice) and I order it. Well it says normal shipping is 5-10 days, so now I am worried it won't be in on time and upgrade to their only other shipping option which is 2-5 days, and happens to cost $17 (really?!! there goes my plan on not spending a lot on a dress) I get the package in the mail yesterday, really excited because of course I want to try it on and make sure it fits, and honestly see if it's as pretty as I expect, but when I open it it's not the dress I ordered. It's not my order at all actually it's some one name Katie or something who lives in Oregon. So I call the company, pretty angry about it because now there is no way I will get the dress on time because I need it by the next day, which would be today because I need to drive to Maine tomorrow for the wedding. I am getting nowhere with the guy I am talking to, and I am very frustrated so I get transferred to the supervisor. I tell them I want my money back, and they say that they will send UPS to get the package (after I refuse to bring it to the post office myself since it isn't my fault that they shipped me someone elses order) and once they receive the merchandise back I will get my refund. Now I am super mad because they already have my money and I obviously didn't receive what I ordered, so why should I wait for my money back. Not to mention now I have to go to the mall, which I was trying to avoid doing, and spend more money to get a dress so it's a big inconvenience to me. He says he will try to get the money put back right away (which didn't happen, it's still not there ) and send me the info for UPS and blah, blah , blah. Ok so fast forward to today. I go to the mall with my daughter and as I suspect it isn't going to be easy. She was being good, just a typical toddler trying to hide in the clothes racks and touch everything, but it's still not very fun to deal with. I go store to store trying on dress after dress and find a few I like, but don't want to spend that much money on them. (did I mention I don't really like shopping, I know weird right?) I really don't want to go to the store that I ordered the dress from, I mean I know it's not that stores fault, but I don't want to give them my business. I am running out of options so I go there and they have the dress I ordered so I end up buying it there. After all that... I really liked it though and it was cheaper than the other ones that I didn't really like as much. If I had found one that was about the same price that I liked somewhere else I would have bought it, but that wasn't the case. And so now I am happy I have the dress, but mad that I gave that company business after all the shipping the wrong order, and the phone stuff. That is my story about what I went through for a dumb dress. Maybe after the wedding this weekend I will post a picture of it. It really is pretty. :)


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