Sunday, October 30, 2011

Epic October Snowstorm

I am actually doing this post from my phone because this major storm caused a power outage that broke my modem. I am horribly sad I have no home internet at the moment, and probably wont for a week. I have never done a blog post from my phone so this is new to me.

So Saturday afternoon around 2:30pm the snow started to fall in my area. It was coming down hard and quick. After about 6 and a half hours all the trees in my yard were starting to snap and the one out front broke and fell inches from my house.

8 hours into the storm, the thing I was worried about happened. We lost power. It was a pretty impressive light show oitside as the transformer blew. I have to say we were lucky. Many others lost power hours before, and some still don't have any. My daughter woke up at 3am because she was cold. Let me tell you, she's impossible to sleep with. I got hit and kicked more times than I can count. She moves around so mu h in her sleep.

By 7:30am it was so cold inside I could actually see my breath. My hubs told me he was sending his uncle to come get me because he at least has a pellet stove for some heat. I decided to go out and sit in my warm car with my daughter to wait. While I was in the car the power came back on so we didnt end up needing to leave after all.

I am fortunate that my power outage was pretty short. I know a lot of people who are still without power, and could be for days. It seems petty to complain about not having internet. It's sad how dependent we really are on it. We don't even think about it until we don't have it.

I hope that the thousands of people still without power are safe and will get their power back soon. It was hard for us and it was only a few hours mostly overnight.

Also my daughters Birthday party had to be canceled, but we had a small get together and she was very happy.


  1. Your daughter is adorable and I am so glad you guys are all safe! I have no idea how you managed to do it, but you are a superwoman for being able to do a blog post from your phone! WITH pictures! So I do believe I owe you a book!

  2. No way, You dont owe me a book! It wasn't hard to do the post. I found a blogger app in The android market that makes it pretty easy. You are sweet for wanting to give me a book though. And thanks, my daughter was happy to at least have her aunt and uncle come over since she didn't het her party.

  3. Your daughter is adorable Amy! :-D Congrats on your first blog post by phone, I think you did an awsome job! I'm glad that your power came back on so quickly especially since it was getting colder and colder in your house. It is horrible for the people who don't have power back and won't for awhile. I know that when our town had a horrible ice storm everyone went frantic and bought gernerators in the hopes of keeping their homes warm. Then electric companies from our surrounding states had to come in to help get all of the power back on. It was very scary. Again, I hope you get your modem in today. :-D

  4. Thank you! I didn't know how the post would come out from my phone. The app allows me to attach pics and stuff, but I can't really set up the posts how I want. I guess when needed the posts from my phone work, but I hope I won't have to do it again anytime soon.


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