Monday, October 31, 2011

Once Upon a Time S1 E2 (The thing you love most)

I'm really sad that I can't put the show image up, but its saved in my computer and I am posting from my phone. I would like to warn of spoilers for those who have not watched it. If you don't want the episode spoiled for you than do not continue. It's a recap so I go over the events of the show.


The second episode of the season starts off with the towns people waking up to notice the clock tower is now working. Then cuts to Regina (present world evil queen) looking through the storybook and notices the missing pages. She confronts Henry about it and says he thinks she's some kind if evil queen, but she's his mother. He then says you're not my mother and leaves.

Now back to the clock tower.  When Regina  sees it, she seems a bit bothered by it. Could it be that she actually does know about the curse and who she is?

Then we get a pretty cool sorceress fighting scene, when in the fairy tale world the evil queen goes to her bff Maleficent to get the curse. She does not want to give it to her and so begins the fight. The evil queen wins and gets the curse. She is warned by Maleficent that there are consequences and she will have an emptiness that can never be filled. The evil queen does the ritual with the heart if her prized steed but it doesn't work.

Back in the present world Henry tells Emma about the missing pages and gives them to her, and that Snow White is her mother. Emma then runs into Mary Margaret his teacher (Snow White) and Mary Margaret tells her that Henry thinks she is Snow White. Mary Margaret asks who Emma is, and she tells her she's not in the book. (Oh, this is getting good)

Emma goes to see Henry's therapist and he gives her Henry's file "because she's important to Henry" and maybe she can help. This ends up being a set up from Regina and Emma gets arrested for stealing the files. Regina thinks that by making Emma seem like the bad guy Henry will think that, but he knows better. He comes with Mary Margaret to bail her out. Mary Margaret says she is doing it because she trusts Emma. Emma returns to the Inn to be told felons aren't allowed to stay there. Obviously another blow from Regina. Next we see her go bad ass chick with a chainsaw to Regina's apple tree. Regina comes out pretty angry and Emma says if Regina wants to play games fine, but she doesn't know what Emma is capable of.

Now back to the fairy tale world. The evil queen goes to see Rumpelstiltskin to find out why the curse didn't work. He tells her he can help her, but she must make a deal with him. He wants to be comfortable in the new land, and she must give in to his requests as long as he says please. He says they won't remember, so she says no harm done and makes the deal.

Back to Storybrooke Maine. Regina tries to get Emma arrested again, but The Sheriff says he knows Regina set her up and thinks its a bad idea to arrest her again. She says she made him and she can get rid of him. Whoa with the evil threats! He says they are just going to end up hurting Henry. Regina calls Emma and asks her to come to her office to make nice. Well, they talk about Henry and Emma says how his idea of everyone being a fairy tale character is crazy. He was standing in the doorway the while time. Coincidence? Of course not. Regina knee he would be there. Emma tells Regina she is soulless, and asks how she got that way before turning and leaving.

Flashback to fairy tale where the evil queen is talking to what we assume is her servant. She tells him what she must do and he tries to talk her out of it. He tells her she can be happy again. She tells him she can, but not there. As tears roll down her face, she says sorry daddy and kills him. I think they wanted us to feel a little sorry for her, but it didn't really work.

In Maine Emma goes to see Henry's teacher to pay her back for bailing here out. She stays to talk. Emma tells her she's leaving because she cares about Henry, but Mary Margaret says that's why she needs to stay. Emma goes to see Henry at his therapists office and he doesn't want to talk to her. She let's him know that she thinks the curse is crazy, but that doesn't mean its not true. That they need to trick the evil queen by making her think they dint believe it. She then burns The missing pages from the storybook so there's no way for the evil queen to get them. This was a pretty touching moment in my opinion.

Back into the fairy tale world, we see the evil queen performing the ritual for the curse, this time with her fathers heart. The smoke comes up and starts the curse that turns fairy tale into present day Maine, where Emma is the only one supposedly not affected by the curse. This seen comes to an end with her at her fathers headstone. His name was Henry.

The show ends with Mr. Gold aka Rumpelstiltskin coming to talk to Regina while she's tending her apple tree. Regina says how Emma is headed back to Boston and Mr. Gold tells her she just saw Emma walking with Henry, and he can help her...for a price. She says she won't make anymore deals with him. We find out that he is the one who found Henry. She asks where, and wants to know who Emma Swan is to which he replies that she already knows. She demands he tell her and he walks away.

That's a pretty interesting ending. It seems as if they both know of the curse and who they are perhaps. It makes sense that Regina would know since she made the curse happen, but why does it seem that Mr. Gold knows? Does he maybe know because he was part of the deal that made the curse possible? Next week we get some of Snow Whites history, and more Prince Charming. I know I am excitedly counting down the days to the next episode.

Once Upon a Time airs at 8pm Sundays on ABC


  1. Fabulous recap Amy! I really enjoy this series and it's so much fun to watch. Who ever put this together are very talented and imaginative. :-D I think that Mr. Gold knows about the curse and who he is because he is able to see the future and predict things in the fairy tale least that's how I interrpreted the way everyone approaches him and asks questions.'s all very interesting. Can't wait for tomorrows episode!

  2. Yes, the creators of this show are absolutely amazing. I am so in love with this show. I think that Rumpelstiltskin knew that he would remember when they made the deal. He is really sneaky like that. He doesn't do anything that won't benefit him. I can't wait to see how everything unfolds. It's so interesting.

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