Friday, October 21, 2011

Outrage Over Piracy

Today I am doing a short post on book piracy. I am just outraged and so sad about it. It makes me so sick that people do this. It is illegal and disrespectful, and it seems like they just get away with it. It seems like it has been happening a lot lately and it's very infuriating. It's not fair to the authors who worked really hard to write these books. I don't understand how the people doing it think that it's ok, and I hate that there aren't better ways to prevent this from happening. There should be better protection to prevent this, but unfortunately there isn't. It really makes my heart ache for the authors who's books are being stolen by illegal download.
These are some of the recent books/authors to become victims of piracy:
(there are others, these are just very recent ones that I am mentioning)

Half-Bood by Jennifer Armentrout (before the book was even published)
Descended by Blood by Angeline Kace
Between by Cyndi Tefft

Please everyone support authors by buying their books and spreading the word about how great they are to encourage others to buy them too. Book piracy is just sick and horrible. If you love to read, show it by buying books and supporting the author who wrote it and the publisher who puts it out there for you. If you think they cost too much, go to your local library and check a book out. There is no reason to ever steal an authors work. Just because it's available to download for free somewhere, doesn't mean it's ok to do it. I am done ranting now. I am just so angry over this and had to vent a little.


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