Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rainy Weekend

This weekend has been so icky and rainy. I really don't mind rain, but it feels like all it's done lately is rain here. All this wetness has now ruined our family plans for today. We were going to go apple picking. My daughter was really excited about i too. (and now I'm sure I will have to hear it all day, explaining to a toddler is almost useless) My husband suggested going to Yankee Candle to walk around (and he hates it there) so even he must be itching to get out and do something. My suggestion was the mall and Barnes and Noble. I think if my daughter and I team up on him, we will win. Well I guess there's nothing really interesting for me to post today, but I like to try to post something every day or so to keep all of you wonderful readers interested. Before I finish up I will ask you a question. Being that it's October, what are your favorite scary books to read? Favorite movies? There are so many great ones. I am interested to hear what your picks are. I love the scary books, and movies. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

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