Saturday, October 22, 2011

Review: The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa

  • Pub. Date: January 2011
  • Publisher: Harlequin
  • Format: Paperback , 368pp 

Overview from B&N

My name is Meghan Chase.
I thought it was over. That my time with the fey, the impossible choices I had to make, the sacrifices of those I loved, was behind me. But a storm is approaching, an army of Iron fey that will drag me back, kicking and screaming. Drag me away from the banished prince who's sworn to stand by my side. Drag me into the core of conflict so powerful, I'm not sure anyone can survive it.
This time, there will be no turning back.

My Review

This is the third book in the amazing Iron Fey series. I can say I honestly didn't enjoy this book as much as the first two. It was still a great book, but it just didn't flow as well as the previous ones. There was still a lot of action, a lot of love, Grimalkin, and of course the silly banter with Puck. (though not as much) Like my review of The Iron Daughter I will keep this short. I don't want to give away any of the story.

Meghan thinks that she is done with the faery world and wants to try to have a somewhat normal life. But the Iron Fey have other plans for her. They want to get to her and bring her back. The Iron Fey are out to take over all of Nevernever and Meghan is the only one who can stop it. She really develops a lot in this book. She is tougher and she knows that she has to be mentally and emotionally stronger too. She knows that she may have to make very hard decisions in order to save the faery world.
This book was much more emotional then the previous ones for me. To me this one had a lot of slow spots. (I suppose you can't have something going on ALL the time) I think that it is a great story and I can't wait to read The Iron Knight. It still continues on nicely and takes you on the journey, pushing your emotions every step of the way. Even though I didn't enjoy it as much as the first two books, I would still give it 4 stars. 


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