Monday, November 28, 2011

Once Upon A Time S1 E5 (That Still Small Voice)

Airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC

After having no new episode last week due to the American Music Awards, I was so happy to have Once Upon A Time back on this week. I felt like something was missing last week without it. I am loving how we are getting the background of more of the characters. I absolutely love this show, but I was a little worried at first that it would focus too much around just Emma and Snow White etc. (not that it would make it any less of an amazing show) I am so glad that it isn't. I have been doing these recaps of the episodes since the show started and it's really fun. It will contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.

This weeks episode focused on Henry's therapist, Archie Hopper (aka Jiminy Cricket). It starts off in the fairy tale world showing Jiminy Cricket as a child pick pocketing while they watch a puppet show. After he brings the goods back to his parents he tells them he doesn't want to steal and wants to be good.  He is inspired by a cricket that is in a cage. His parents shut that idea down pretty quick.

In Storybrooke Emma is officially Deputy, she gets a uniform (which she refuses to wear) and her badge. As soon as she puts on her badge something happens. The whole town shakes like an earthquake. Coincidence? I don't think so. They get to the scene of the explosion that rocked the town and Regina is pretty mad to find out that Emma is deputy now. The look she gives Graham (who we now know is having some relations with Regina) is enough to give anyone chills. If looks could kill, that one certainly would have. Regina talks to Dr. Hopper and tells him he better get the whole fairy tale story out of Henry's head or else.

Back in fairy tale Jiminy, who is all grown up now, tells his parents again he doesn't want to steal anymore. They guilt him into it and he is setting up the puppet show in the rain when a little boy comes by. He tells Jiminy he is listening to the Crickets. He then gives him his umbrella before he heads home, and tells him that he can't wait to see the show. (the boy giving him the umbrella is symbolic, look for it later.)

Mary Margaret is still volunteering at the hospital and visiting John Doe (Prince Charming) He still can't remember anything. Back at her apartment she feels bad because John Does wife is so nice. At that moment Henry shows up in tears. Dr. Hopper has done what Regina told him and told Henry that he is delusional. After dropping Henry off at Regina's office, Emma goes to Dr. Hoppers office and she is livid. As she is tearing into him Regina calls wanting to know where Henry is. Dr. Hopper knows where he must have gone...into the abandoned mine shaft. Henry thinks he can find proof there that he isn't crazy and the story is true.

In fairy tale Jiminy is getting desperate. He asks Rumpelstiltskin for help. We know that things never end well when Rump is involved. He gives him a small vial and tells Jiminy to sprinkle it on his parents, pour it, put it in their food whatever, and then leave them for him to collect after. It goes very wrong when his parents switch that potion for a fake one when they go to a nice couples house to trick them and steal from them. They take the vial intended for his parents and turn into dolls. As they are leaving the couples small son walks in. Talk about heart breaking. 

In the mines Henry finds something in a pike of rocks that looks like a piece of glass with some type of pattern on it (looked like tree branches or something like that to me) Now he has caused some type of avalanche and as the ground outside shakes Dr. Hopper runs into the mine just before the entrance collapses trapping him inside. He ends up tracking down Henry. Henry is looking through a small opening saying he sees something that looks shiny. Dr. Hopper tells him that they are trapped and there's no way out.

Outside of the mine Marco (Gippetto) who is Dr. Hoppers best friend watches as they try to dig out the entrance. Regina and Emma actually agree that their fighting isn't helping anything and have a kind of understanding. Inside the mine Henry hears something and they find an old elevator. They are trying to get up when an explosion crushed their efforts. Now they are really trapped.

At the hospital Mary Margaret goes for a walk with John Doe (as part of his physical therapy) He tells her that nothing Catherine is telling him feels real. The only thing that feels real to him is her. They almost kiss when Catherine comes walking up with muffins for him.

At the mine, with the help of the dalmatian rescue dog they find the grate cover above the elevator and it's decided that Emma will be lowered in to get them. In the elevator Dr. Hopper tells Henry he doesn't think he's crazy, and they have a little heart to heart. Dr. Hopper wants to do what is right and follow his conscience. Emma comes down and grabs Henry. There's more shaking and the elevator is about to drop with Dr. Hopper still in it. He says it's ok, and then the elevator drops. (I was in shock for a moment) Then you see the handle of the umbrella that Dr. Hopper is carrying hooked to a

In fairy tale Jiminy is outside and wishes on a star. The fairy comes and grants his wish. He becomes a cricket and will live as long as needed to help the child. It was not his first wish, but it was the one that the fairy could grant for him. He asks how he will know who the child is, and she tells him that his name is Gippetto.

Back at the mine scene Emma sits with Henry, and Dr. Hopper and Marco walk over and they hear the crickets. (Henry had pointed out earlier that there have never been crickets in Storybrooke and he thinks it's because of the curse.) Cut to Mr Gold walking past the set of dolls in his pawn shop.Then at the hospital, Mary Margaret is dropping of her letter of resignation. ( I wanted to scream at her not to do it) Lastly, back to the mine. Regina stands above the mine shaft grate, and drops a piece of glass (I don't think it's the same one Henry had because it looked like it only had one of the branch like designs on it) back down into the mine. It crashes down on what I assume was the shiny thing Henry had seen. That's quite curious to me. It obviously means something, I just don't know what it could be.

Next week is going to be getting to know about Prince Charming. (yay a whole episode focused on the super swoon worthy Prince Charming) I have been pretty sure that Regina knows about the curse since about the 2nd episode, and I have read somewhere that in fact she does. Only makes sense right? I mean she created the curse, she should know about it. Now I can't help but wonder about Graham though. Is he just playing Regina? Is he really on Emma's side, or is it the other way around and he's playing Emma? I am still pretty convinced that he is the Huntsman, so I would hope he would be on Emma's side since he couldn't kill Snow White.

The spoiler pics I had up for my last recap had said they were for Ep5 which they obviously weren't. I have seen an update that they are in fact for EP6 which is next weeks episode. Hope it's right this time. They Hypable site thinks they are, but it still isn't confirmed. Here's the link.
Hypable site spoiler Pics from E6 "The Shepard"

Here's the trailer for next weeks episode. It's going to be amazing!!


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