Monday, November 7, 2011

Once Upon a Time S1 E3 (Snow Falls)

Airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC 

This show just keeps getting better and better. I thought I loved it after the first episode, I had no clue that with each passing week I would grow to love it more than I thought possible for a TV show. Now that it is Three weeks in, the story is really starting to come together more, and it's fantastic how they are doing it. This is such a well thought out storyline. The actors are excellent and really put the feeling into the story. Enough with my gushing. On to my recap. As always, if you haven't watched the show yet and don't want to know what happens, don't read on there will be spoilers. 

This episode starts in the fairy tale world with a carriage traveling through the woods. Who is in the carriage? A blond princess and Prince Charming! They have to stop because a tree is blocking the path. When Charming gets out to investigate someone goes into the carriage and takes Charming's pouch. He chases the robber down and discovers it's a woman, Snow White! She hits him and escapes, and he tells her as she is getting away that wherever she goes he will find her.

Back in Storybrooke Maine, Mary Margaret is on a date at the diner. She talks about wanting to find true love and have kids. She notices her date checking out Ruby the waitress, and asks for the check and leaves to walk home. As she leaves the diner she sees Emma in her car reading a paper. She is trying to find a place to stay so she doesn't need to sleep in her car. Emma wonders why Mary Margaret is out so late and she says she explains about the date, and how it wasn't good. Saying "If true love was easy we would all have it." She offers Emma her spare room, but she declines and says she's not the roommate type.

Next it shows Mary Margaret at the hospital where she volunteers and she notices Henry in the room with a coma patient (Present world Prince Charming) Henry wants to know what's wrong with him, and she says she doesn't know, that he's always been like that. He has no friends or family that visit. Henry asks if she knows him, because he knows that it's Prince Charming, but of course because of the curse she has no clue who he is. Henry tells Emma about the matching scar that the storybook Charming has and the coma patient. He insists that it's the curse preventing them from being together and he wants Mary Margaret to go read the storybook to him. So Emma goes to talk to her and tell her about what Henry said, and Mary Margaret goes to the hospital to read to him. He grabs her hand, and she tells the doctor, but he insists that everything is the same and she may have dozed off. As soon as she leaves he calls Regina (because he was told if anything changes to contact her immediately) and tells her there has been a spike in brainwave activity after a volunteer had been there. She asks who and he tells her Mary Margaret Blanchard. Regina doesn't like that news.

Back in fairy tale we see Snow white leaving the tree house where she lives and walks right into a net trap. Prince Charming says "I told you I would find you" and she says "aren't you a real prince charming" (haha) When he says he has a name she says she would rather call him charming. He tells her he needs his pouch of jewels back because it has his mothers ring that he is supposed to give to his fiance at their wedding. ( Who snow white calls "the nag with a bad attitude" love the banter between them in this scene) She says she sold them and then he takes out a wanted poster with her on it and threatens to tell people who she really is if she doesn't get the pouch back. She is wanted for murder treason and crimes against the Queen

Now back to present day. Emma meets Henry in the diner and thanks him for the shirt (that he took from his mother) and Mary Margaret comes in and tells them that John Doe woke up, and she wants to go back. They rush over to the hospital and the sheriff tells them to stay back, the patient is missing. Regina is standing by the bed, and Emma wonders why she is there. She says she is his emergency contact and she is the one who found him. The doctor says he has been on feeding tubes for years. Regina leaves and they go to look at the security videos, and see nothing. Then Emma notices there are no decorations from Henry's class and they are watching the wrong one. They find the right one and see John Doe walking out of the hospital through the door that leads to the forest.

Back in Maine, the sheriff, Emma, and Mary Margaret are in the woods. Mary Margaret asks Emma about her job being a bail bondswoman, and what made her want to do it. She figures it's about her parents, and asks Emma if she ever found them, and Emma says "It depends on who you ask" As if right on cue, Henry comes running into the woods with a flashlight.

In fairy tale, things aren't looking good for Snow White. The men in black have her against a tree and are about to kill her, when Charming saves the day! This whole scene is pretty great! She then wonders why he saved her, and he tells her it was the honorable thing to do. It's obvious that they are falling for each other. He asks if she's ready and she says "For what?" because she is obviously falling for him, and is off in her own thoughts. They still need to get his jewels back so he can go get married.

In the woods in Storybrooke, Henry insists that John Doe is looking for Mary Margaret and he knows where he is going. The sheriff finds his name tag with blood on it.

In fairy tale we get a creepy scene when Snow and Charming reach the troll bridge and the scary looking trolls come. There's a pretty good battle, and Snow runs off thinking Charming is behind her, but when she sees the trolls have her she goes back and used her magic dust to save him. Now he says that she saved him and she tells him it was the honorable thing to do. Cute right? Then he tells her that his name is James. This scene makes me want to melt. You can just feel their chemistry.

In the woods in Maine they find John doe in a stream by a toll bridge. (clever ) Mary Margaret tries to do CPR to save him, and when she gives him mouth to mouth he wakes up and spits out water. The roles have been reversed. She saved him with a kiss this time. And what does he say when he wakes up? "You saved me" just like Charming in the fairy tale world. Awww! Then she asks who he is, he doesn't know. They get him back to the hospital and a blond woman (The princess from fairy tale that he is going to marry) runs in calling him David. When they ask who she is, Regina tells them it's his wife.

Now that Snow and Charming have found his jewels, and ring, it is time to part ways. He gives her the gold and she gives him his pouch with the ring. He says " I know not your style" and she says only one way to find out, and she puts it on, and after a moment says that he's right it's not her style and gives it back to him. They part there and Charming goes back to his castle.

In the hospital before Henry leaves he tells Mary Margaret that she is the one that John Doe was looking for and to not believe them. They are meant to be together. Emma confronts Regina because she thinks this is all another one of her set ups. She wonders why if he has been there for years, his wife never came to see him. Regina gives an explanation that seems to convince Emma, and adds that all of this has made her glad she has Henry, because not having someone is the worst curse imaginable. Back inside Davids wife explains her absence to Mary Margaret and goes back in his room. As they embrace David looks at Mary Margaret as she twirls the ring around her finger. The episode ends with Emma knocking on Mary Margaret's door and asking if the room is still available.

To me this was the best episode so far. I can't wait to see where it goes from here. The next episode, titled The Price of Gold, looks like it is going to continue with the trend of getting better each week. What are your thoughts so far?


  1. *HIGH FIVES* for being a fan of this show! OMG, me and my mom watch it together every Sunday and are IN LOVE. I can't wait for the next one with Rumpelstiltskin (love him! He's just so crazy and awesome!) and Cinderella.

    - Asher (from Paranormal Indulgence)

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