Monday, November 14, 2011

Once Upon A Time S1 E4 (The Price of Gold)

Airs Sunday's at 8pm on ABC

This weeks episode introduces us to Cinderella (or Ashely in present time) We get to learn a little bit about her story. We get a lot of  the really creepy Rumpelstiltskin in this episode too. I love where the story is going and how other fairy tale characters are starting to come into the picture. As always I will remind you that if you have not yet watched, there will be spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know what happens, please do not continue reading.


This episode starts us off in fairy tale with Cinderella watching her evil step mother and two step sisters leaving to go to the ball. Her fairy god mother comes to help her, but Rumpelstiltskin gets rid of her because "all magic comes with a price". He then tells Cinderella he will help her as long as she does him a favor. Desperate to be saved from her horrible life, she signs the contract. He waves his wand and *poof* she's the picture of perfection in a beautiful gown and all dolled up.

Back in Maine, Emma is walking Henry to the bus stop without caring if Regina knows. After Henry gets on the bus, the Sheriff stops Emma and thanks her for helping to find John Doe (Prince Charming) when he escaped from the hospital. He then offers her a job and gives her his card. She goes into the diner and is having some hot chocolate with cinnamon when Regina comes in and tells Emma she knows everything that goes on. She says she isn't worried about Emma and Henry because Emma has never stayed anywhere long and doesn't see her as a threat, then leaves. Emma spills her cocoa on herself and asks Ruby if there is a washroom. There she meets Ashley (Cinderella) a very pregnant 19 year old who is an emotional wreck. Emma tells her that she was only 18 when she was pregnant and gives her a pep talk to try to help her.

Ashley then breaks into Mr. Gold shop after he has locked up. He catches her and she pepper sprays him. She wants to change her life. Then it goes to Mary Margaret's place where Emma is unpacking her box of things, when who other than Mr. Gold shows up. He tells her he needs her to find someone for him, and shows her a picture of Ashley. She stole something from him, and he doesn't want to involve the police. He says Ashley is a confused young woman. Emma says she will help her. As soon as Mr. Gold leaves Henry comes in, and Emma tells him she needs to go find Ashley and he can't come. She says she is trying to be responsible, and he counters with and I'm just trying to spend time with you. Awww so sweet. She tells him that's not fair, but doesn't fight it. 

Now we go back to fairy tale for the celebration of Cinderella's wedding. Snow white, who is a very good friend congratulates her, and says how she is proud of her. Then in comes Rumpelstiltskin. (can he be any creepier?) He says he is proud too, and asks if she is happy with everything she has. She says yes and asks what he wants from her. He tells her he wants her first born child. When her prince comes home one night he finds her packing and she tells him that she's pregnant, and then all about everything with Rumpelstiltskin. He says " Magic may have brought us together, but it didn't create this love" How sweet is that? He says they need to make another deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

Back in present time Emma is questioning Ruby at the diner. She says that Ashley is a maid and her boyfriend left her. If she want to know more to go see him. Emma goes to see Sean, and tells him he can help, but his dad won't have any of it. He thinks she is a young irresponsible girl. He got her a deal to sell her baby for a good amount of money. Back in the car Emma is talking to Henry and he says no one can get out of a deal with Mr. Gold. Emma goes back to the diner and finds out Ruby led her away so Ashley could get a head start out of town. She left for Boston already. Henry tells Emma no one can leave Storybrooke or bad things will happen.

Back in fairy tale, Charming is bringing Cinderella and Thomas to get a magic quill to use for a new contract to trick Rumpelstiltskin, and it will freeze him so they can capture him. Cinderella is scared because magic got her into the situation in the first place. In Storybrooke Emma and Henry approach the town sign and see the car crashed, and find Ashley out of the car on the side of the road, in labor. Emma has another pretty harsh talk with her in the car about making sure she really wants the baby, and knowing that that means she needs to be responsible.

Cinderella waits in the garden in fairy tale to make a new deal with Rumpelstiltskin. She says that the area is in trouble and they are poor. She tells him she is having twins and offers the second child in return for help. He takes the quill and reminds her that there is a price for magic. He signs, and it freezes him. He tells her that he will get the baby no matter what. No one breaks a deal with him.

In the hospital back in Maine, Henry tells Emma that she is the only one who can leave Storybrooke without anything bad hapening. He tells her she can go. The nurse comes out and tells Emma that Ashely had the baby. Mr Gold then shows up and thanks her for returning his merchandise. Back in fairy tale Thomas tells Cinderella he picked out the name Alexandra for their baby. She gets a cramp and he runs off to get her water. It passes and she goes to the well to find him, but he's gone. She goes to Rumpelstiltskin and asks what he did. He says he will get the baby, and until he does she won't see her prince again. Back in the hospital, Emma confronts Mr Gold about the baby deal and tells him he won't get the baby, and his contract won't hold up. It's a fight he won't win. Impressed, he tells her Ashley can keep her baby, but Emma must make a deal with him. She agrees and goes to tell Ashley. Ashely thanks her. Emma notices the time and need to get Henry home before Regina gets there and finds out he left.
Regina is getting all fixed up after an obvious romp session with someone. She tells the person that she put his socks under the bed, and takes off to get home. As Ema is dropping Henry off she says "about what you said at the hospital, I will see you tomorrow"  Sean shows up at the hospital and tells Ashley he never should have left, and takes out shoes for their baby. Emma decided to take the Deputy job that the Sheriff offered her. She asks if Regina will be okay with it, and he says it's his department, then it cuts to him taking his socks out from under the bed.

Wow, now that ending was unexpected. Maybe some people expected that, but I certainly didn't. I don't even know what to think about that. I am a little confused about a few things though. I thought the curse started after Snow and Charming got married, but the episodes are showing before they actually got together. Did the curse make everything go back in time? Does Emma have to break the curse before it actually would have happened? Anyone else have thoughts on this? I am quite sad that there will be no new episode on next Sunday, but when it returns on 11/27 It looks like a really good episode. Here's the preview video for it.

For anyone who wants to see some promo pics for the next episode, you can see them on the Hypable site spoiler Pics from E5 titled "That Still Small Voice" These pics are awesome!


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