Thursday, December 1, 2011

Random Thought Thursday

(image taken from B&N website)

Today is just a random bookish post. I got to thinking, I love my Nook, really I do. It's so convenient, and I can bring hundreds of books with me wherever I go. The only problem is, I love real books too. I suppose it's not really a problem that I love physical books, the problem is that I love reading on my Nook, but I have a thing for pretty book covers. I'm sure most of you would agree.

You know when you get a DVD and it comes with the code for the digital download, I think it would be cool if they could do that with books. I have a lot of books on both my Nook and physical copy just because it's pretty and I wanted the real book too.

So my thoughts are: Say the Hardcover book is whatever amount of money, but to get the book with the digital download code in it, maybe a few dollars more. I know I would be willing to pay a little more to get the physical and digital copy together. I spend twice as much to buy them separate. I don't really know the way that book publishing and the digital formats work (you know, the inner workings), but I thought that if they can do that with DVD's, why not be able to do  it with books right? I could be way off and completely wrong though. I think that e-readers are really becoming a big thing. They would never be able to take the place of physical books, but I know that there are plenty of other people out there, who like me have copies of a book in there e-reader and a physical copy for their bookshelf. Am I right?

So what are your thoughts on this? Would you be willing to pay more for a book if it had a digital download with it? I don't know how difficult it would be for publishers to make special copies of books to include something like that. I just think it would be really awesome if it were possible for them to do it. So that is my random thought for the day.


  1. I'm all for that idea. As an author, if someone buys my paperback, I'd be okay with giving them a code to download the eCopy as well.

    I'm not sure how it would work for professional book publishers, but it would be difficult as a self published author. I can't have a different code printed on each book,and if I used the same one, it would only take one person to put it online.

    On the traditional side of things, what's to stop someone from going into a book store, opening the book, and then writing down the code? They'd have to seal each book like they do with DVD's. Then you wouldn't be able to read a bit of it before you buy.

    I think it's a great idea, but there'd need to be a solid system in place for it.

    Great post! It's definitely something to think about.

  2. Very good points. I figured if it was easy it would have been done by now. It just seems like such an awesome idea. Maybe someday it will be possible,and not a hassle....we can hope right?

  3. I would absolutely support this. I think there could be a website setup where you enter the barcode of the book, plus something that prints on the receipt to receive your special download code. That way, the unique codes would come from an online server/website, not the bookstore.

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