Monday, December 12, 2011

Team Half-Blood for Tournament of Heroines and Deity Cover Reveal

To show my support for Alex from Jennifer L Armentrout's Half-Blood I am posting to try to get all of you to go vote for her. Voting starts on 12/12/11, so if this post is up, then the voting has started. She is up against Nora from Hush, Hush. Alex is completely bad-ass and she deserves the win. Let me tell you I would not want to be in a fight with her. I wouldn't last 30 seconds. If you have read Half-Blood then you know what I mean. She totally deserves the win.  She's awesome!

Need more incentive to vote for her.... if Alex wins in this first match, JLA will post an extra scene between Alex and Aiden between Half-Blood and Pure. I know I want to read it so make sure you go vote. You can also help promote on twitter by using the hashtag #TeamAlex. What are you waiting for go vote on the YA Sisterhood blog. Oh, but before you do don't forget to check out the cover of book 3 in the Covenant series: Deity. (Half-Blood and Pure are the previous 2 books. Pure comes out April 3rd 2012)

Ok how gorgeous is that cover. It will look beautiful next to the first two books. I could look at it all day, but I won't because I will be twitter spamming to get people to go vote for Alex. ;) Here's a look at the covers for Half-Blood (book 1) and Pure (book 2). I loved Half-Blood, you can read my review here.(wow have my reviews gotten better, I hadn't even been blogging for a month when I did that one.)

Half-Blood is available now, Pure will be available 4/3/12

Okay, now you can go vote for Alex. Need the link again? Here it is. ---> YA Sisterhood

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