Friday, December 30, 2011

Vote Alex in the Heroine Tourney

Alex has made it to round 3 of the Tournament of Heroines, and that is fantastic! It shouldn't really come as a surprise that she has gotten this far. She has gotten a very strong fan base and so much support from people who love her character. Jennifer L Armentrout has created such an amazing character, that you can't help but love her. She is, and has been the underdog, but she is holding up awesome. I mean, most of us only met her in October when Half-Blood released. (September if you got it for Nook or Kindle) That just shows how much of a kick @$$ heroine she really is that in just a few months, she has so many fans and people who love her.

There really isn't much more I can say about why you should vote for her that hasn't been said already. I mean she is going into round 3 now!! If you want the reasons, you can go back and read my post for her match in round 2. Of course there are still incentives. My giveaway for an ebook of Daimon and Half-blood will be going on until 11:59pm EST on Jan 6th. I will have the rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post. It is the same one that is on the round 2 post so you can use either one for your entries. Momo (Alex's super awesome, best ever advocate) over at Books Over Boys is also having a giveaway that will end on Jan. 6th too. Her giveaway is for Daimon, Half-Blood, and a pre-order of Pure. That is a super awesome giveaway. You can enter that by clicking here.

That's not it. This is a big, big, match! Alex is up against Katniss from The Hunger Games. I mean who doesn't love Katniss. She is a great heroine for sure, but I still stand behind Alex 1000% (yes I did mean to have three 0's) This match will be super tough, but she beat Rose in the last round, she can totally go up against Katniss. So JLA has some great incentives for us at certain amounts of votes.

Are you ready for this. I thought that JLA really was super awesome with the incentives in round 2, but she just got even more amazing. Here you have the round 3 incentives.

250 votes: a teaser from Pure
500 votes: a teaser from Onyx
750 votes: a teaser from Pure and Onyx
1,000 votes: a POV from Daemon (Obsidian)

And that's not all.

1250 votes: a teaser from Seth's POV in Pure
1500 votes: a teaser from Shadows.
WINNING votes: a teaser from Pure, Shadows, Onyx, and Cursed


And for every 1000 votes, JLA will give away an ARC of Pure, up to 6000 votes
ARC will be given away on Twitter
You know that you want all of that! So lets pull out all the stops. Get everyone you know, and even people you don't know to vote for Alex. From every computer, every browser, their phones, their tablets, anything they can get their hands on. She is really the underdog in this match and needs every vote we can get her. When tweeting use the hashtag #HalfBloodLegion #TeamAlex #ALEXFORTHEWIN #UnderdogsFTW and #HeroineTourney Momo has worked really hard as Alex's advocate, and I know we all really want her to win. Do this for Alex, for JLA, and for the fantastic Momo! Okay time to go vote at YA Sisterhood

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Ooh, I did love Half-Blood. But if she's facing off against Katniss...I may have to think on that! :p
    - Lauren

  2. @ Julianna Woohoo! SPARTA!! Half Blood Legion
    @ Lauren I love Katniss too, but I am team Alex all the way!!

  3. @ Julianna Woohoo! SPARTA!! Half Blood Legion
    @ Lauren I love Katniss too, but I am team Alex all the way!!

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