Saturday, January 21, 2012

Special Guest Saturday!!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be doing a guest post on my blog today with a really great friend, Crissy from The Princess of Storyland. One of the best things about starting my blog is the great friends I have made, so I wanted to do a few interviews / guest posts with some of my friends, and she was nice enough to participate. Crissy answered some questions about her blog, and about herself. I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have. After the interview, don't forget to go check out her fantastic blog. I stalk visit it on a daily basis. Now for the interview.

Crissy thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions for me.

What made you want to start a blog?

haha Is it terrible that I can't really remember why? I read constantly and always have! My mother taught me to read when I was really young. By 4 I could read entire books and even out of a bible.  My father always took me to the library every Friday when he got off of work. Books have always been a big part of my life! Books are a wonderful escape for me. I love how when I'm having a horrible day, I can always open up a book and start reading. Before I know it, I'm lost in the story and taken away to a whole other world, and I've forgotten all about what I was upset about to begin with! Blogging was a way to share my love of books with others and hopefully encourage them to read more! 

What has been your favorite thing about having your blog?

Being able to talk about books with other people who love to read them as well! I have met so many amazing people and bloggers and have developed some close friendships I cherish. I've also met some really amazing authors at various signings and events. They have been so down to earth and really sweet. It's been an amazing experience!

 Now that we know your favorite thing, what has been your least favorite thing about having your blog if anything?

My least favorite thing would have to be turning down a review book when it's something I'm not interested in reading. I always feel really bad about that, but I don't want to read a book that I don't think I would enjoy. The purpose of my blog is to encourage people to read, not to sway their opinion from potentially picking up a book.

What has been the most surprising thing you have learned since you have started your blog?

Having and running a blog is HARD work! I always envisioned it as being loads of fun, and it totally is! But there is a LOT of hardwork involved as well, that I suppose I never really thought about before. It's a struggle for me to juggle work, personal life and my responsabilities, as well as fitting in time to read more than one book a week and update my blog regularly for my readers. It's a constant battle of learning how to prioratize everything and being balanced as well. That's probably the hardest part!

Do you plan ahead what books you are going to read, or do you just read what feels right at the time?
In the begining I did. I'd put books on my shelf in the order I thought I should read them in, and then stick to it. This really didn't work for me. I've found your mood can really affect the way you feel about a book, and I really try to go into every book I read with an open mind. Sometimes I will finish reading 2 dystopians, and go into a third, and find myself being overly critical because I was really in the mood for something else. Now I make sure to switch it up so I don't get burnt out or overly critical of one genre. I may do a dystopian, and then a contemporary and then a fantasy or thriller. I also like to break up my review books and make sure  to squeeze in books just for ME! Otherwise it feels more like a job and less like a hobby. 

Do you take notes when you read, or do you review from memory?

A little of both actually! When I first started I would just write a review from memory. Now I actually take notes. I found this amazing form online for it that I print out and use every time I read a book. It has a spot for the name, author, publication date, main and supporting characters, conflicts in the book, pro's and con's and just general notes. I love using it and have noticed my reviews are much better since I've started using it. It also allows me to think about the book for a day or two after I've finished reading it. Usually by that point the book has really sunken in and I've figured out where exactly I want my review to go and what things to focus on. The notes really help me so I don't forget any main points or things I read along the way that I thought would be good points to share. 

Now we are going to do some fun questions. We want to get to know a little about you.

Do you have any special talents? Singing, dancing, painting...?

haha This is always a hard question for me, because in my mind, I have no talents. But other people always comment on how creative and talented I am. I love to crochet and I have become pretty awesome at it! ;)  I make all kinds of things, but my favorites are warm fuzzy blankets to curl up with! I make a lot of hemp braclette's for fun out of all kinds of cute and funky colors. I have TONS! Hmm...maybe that should be my next giveaway! lol I also love to embroider and cross stitch. I LOVE to cook and am an excellent cook. Baking and cooking are probably my specialties. I make a great homemade pizza from scratch that people pay me for as well as a to die for chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake! I'm also an excellent shopper! Seriously, if shopping were a sport, I'd be a pro!

What's your favorite color?

Pink!!! I LOVE pink! It totally makes me smile! Especially hot pink. I always say I wish the sky were pink and the clouds were cotton candy. haha 

What's your favorite movie?

Breakfast at Tiffany's. My favorite movie of all time! Audrey Hepburn is stunning and an incredible actress. I <3 her!

What's your favorite food/beverage?
I love italian and greek food. Those are my faves, but my all time favorite food is pizza! I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and never tire of it! My favorite beverage is Strawberry Vanilla Limeade's from Sonic. I am sooo addicted! I have to have my fix every day or I'm in foul mood.

If I were to look in your fridge right now what would I find?
You'd find a fridge full! I've got homemade fresh squeezed lemonade, homemade sourdough bread, homemade kolaches and calzone's. Leftovers: Grilled salmon, rice pilaf and steamed veggies. Freshly made lemon marmalade, first try and it came out yummy! Lots of fresh fruit and veggies, and all kinds of cheese! A huge jar of really good sour pickles . Yumm! And lots of juice! 

This or that:

Skirts or pants?


Heels or sneakers?

Definately heels! I actually don't wear sneakers. Is that weird?

Chips or candy?

That one is really hard. I love both, but if I had to pick one it'd probably be chips. I am a chocoholic tho! And I've recently become addicted to Sour Patch Kids!

Chocolate or Vanilla?


Coffee or Tea?

I like both but my favorite is tea!

Cake or Pie?

Which category do brownies fall under? lol Cheesecake is another fave! So I guess...that'd be cake

Eat in or out?

I actually prefer eating in, but it is nice to go out once in a while

Quiet night in or Night on the town?

Quiet night in!

Well that's all I have. Great answers, and I think that we have gotten to know a bit more about you. Thank you so much!! 

Thank you so much for interviewing me. It was such an honor, and I had a blast!



  1. Aww it came out great. I feel so honored and I had a blast doing it! Thanks for having me! :)

    1. Thanks so much for doing it!! You are awesome!

  2. PINK!!! Haha. I also really feel bad when I turn down review requests. Actually most of the time I only reply to the request if I accept bc I don't always have time to formulate great denial emails O_O

    Great post Amy and Crissy!

    1. Haha! I have found that I apologize too much when I deny review requests. I always feel so bad, but I would feel worse not getting to the book because I kept putting it off, or giving it a negative review if I don't like it. And I love pink too! I am so glad Crissy did this Q&A with me. I want to do more. They are fun!

  3. How fun! Crissy seems like a very busy and talented person. I mean, homemade Kolaches and calzones? That takes time and talent. It's easy to see she has a passion for reading and that makes for an excellent blogger.

    Great interview!

    1. Right!? I want her to cook for me. I am really bad at it. I can bake like a champ though. I wish I lived closer to her. I know we would totally hang out! I love her blog too, and it's so pretty!!

    2. aww thanks Andrea! My dream was always to go to culinary school and be a chef. I was an extremely talented cook without the school. I worked at one resturant and they told me their money literally tripled since I started working. They paid me well, but I am horribly accident prone. After a few trips to the ER , the last straw was when I got third degree burns. My family made me quit :( Otherwise I'd probably still be cooking somwhere..

      And Amy we would be TOTAL besties! I need to plan a trip to come see you and SOON! :)

    3. Crissy too funny, I am accident prone too!! I swear we are like separated at birth. Lol! Sucks that you got hurt so much though, that makes me sad. :(

  4. Great Interview! I completely agree that maintaining a blog is a lot of work--but it is so worth it because of the great books we learn about and the great friends we make.


    1. Thanks. I agree! I have met so many awesome people, both authors and bloggers. I also have discovered a bunch of indie authors I might have never come across otherwise too.

  5. nice idea, thanks for sharing...

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I have seen a lot of blogs do the same type of feature and I thought it would be fun. Thanks for stopping by.


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