Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get bookish goodies for 25% off and support a good cause!

Who doesn't love bookish goodies right? I know I am obsessed with bookmarks, and notebooks / journals. Well, from now until March 23 you can get 25% off some awesome bookish stuff (except for bookends) from Gone Reading International, LLC. They have marketed all sorts of great products to appeal to book lovers like all of us. What's even better is they donate 100% of the after-tax profits to fund libraries in the developing world. So you get to buy some cool products and help others to get the gift of reading. That's a big win right?! So just use the coupon code BOOKLOVING25 to get your 25% off. If you would like to read their Philanthropic Mission click  here. This really is for a good cause. Now I will leave you with some of the awesome products you can purchase!

 Some bookmarks.

Some pretty journals.

Even a cool bookish game to play with friends or family!

They have a great selection of products for every type of book lover. Don't forget to use coupon code  BOOKLOVING25 until March 23 to get 25% off of your purchase (excluding bookends) at Gone Reading International, LLC


  1. I really love the "My Wizard can beat up your Vampire" bookmark!!! So cute!

  2. Isn't it cute? There's a lot of cool stuff on that site.

  3. Has our Harry Potter fanatic friend seen the wizard vamp bookmark?

    1. I don't know if she has. I will have to let her know about it. I think it's awesome!! :)


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