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Interview with author Jaqueline Gardner

Today on the blog I have special guest Jaqueline Gardner for an interview. She has a few books out currently, and she also makes fabulous cupcakes. I will start off with her author bio and then onto the interview.

Jacqueline Gardner works as a Story Editor for the production company, Labragirl Pictures.  Her love of storytelling began at an early age when she would make up stories with her grandmother before bedtime.  In early 2010, she completed her first novel and has been stuck on writing ever since.  She resides in Colorado and loves hiking, writing, fantasy fiction, and all things cupcake.    

Why don’t we start off with you telling us a little about yourself.
I live in Colorado.  I love to hike, camp, read, write, and decorate cupcakes.  I also work out (mostly so I can eat those cupcakes).  I finished writing my first book two years ago and I found I just couldn’t stop! 

When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?
I actually didn’t study Creative Writing or English in college.  I was an Exercise Phys major.  But I’ve been a storyteller since I was little.  I used to keep a journal by my bed with all my story ideas.  Most of my ideas came from dreams.  And yes, eight-year-old me used to dream about some pretty weird things!

I’ve kept an idea journal most of my life, and I think writing a book was always in the cards for me.  I just needed to find the time to actually sit down and do it.

You have three different book series currently right? Do you work on them one at a time or do you switch it up? I would find it confusing trying to go back and forth.
Yes I do!  Two of them are out and the third will be published in April.  Three different starts to three different series.

I like to focus on one book at a time, but I do write them out of order.  To stay organized, I plot out a series all at once.  Of course sometimes things change but it’s a system that hasn’t failed me yet.    

Do your characters names have any special meaning? Is there a reason you chose the names you have given them?
No special meaning.  When choosing a character’s name I usually close my eyes and try to picture that character.  Usually a few names come to mind.  I pick the one I like best and make sure it’s age-appropriate.  I try to steer clear of names belonging to people I know.

Do you have any certain routine you follow when you write? Like do you listen to music, or have coffee?
Nothing specific.  I just have to have noise!  The source doesn’t matter, but I can’t write in absolute silence.

What are some of your favorite books that you have read?
So many!  So I’ll tell you the author that started it all for me.  Roald Dahl.

What made you decide to write YA?
I went with what came naturally, and that was YA.  That and I like to write ‘firsts’ - first kiss, first heartbreak, first love, first betrayal, first loss of a loved one . . .

What are your hobbies outside of writing? I noticed you make fabulous cupcakes!
Thanks!  Yes, I love cake decorating.  It’s a fun hobby.  But I also love the outdoors.  Whenever I travel, I miss the mountains of they’re not nearby.

Do you ever experience Writers Block?
 I write in chunks.  I’m not a big fan of stopping mid-chapter and finishing it later.  The only struggles I’ve come across are nights when I’m too tired or distracted by something on youtube.  When that happens I bribe myself with a future nap, maybe nail polish, or even a cupcake.

Lets do some fun this or that questions.
Coffee or Soda?
Is there a tea option?

Sweet or Salty?
Salty actually.  That probably sounds unexpected considering I’m so obsessed with cupcakes.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate if it’s candy.  Vanilla if it’s ice cream.

Ocean or Mountains?

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs.  I have too many horror stories about cats.

Laptop or Desktop?

Okay. I guess that’s all I have. Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?
I started off writing all three of my books for fun!  All three were stories I wished I would’ve found at my local bookstore.  I had a blast writing them, and I hope it shows.

Thank you so much for taking the time for an interview. It's been great talking with you!

Places you can find Jaqueline:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

 Thoughtless and Mutiny are currently available and Jade will be published in April 2012.


  1. It's so true YA has a lot of Firsts and I think that's a big part of why I love it so much. We get to see all the magic happen! :) Great post chicky I hadn't heard of these books before the covers are great!!

    1. I am hoping to read her books soon. They sound good. I agree with the whole firsts thing too. Like you said, we see all the magic happen. ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I haven't done many interviews, so I get really nervous hoping that I ask good questions.

  3. Great interview! I have a guest post w/Jacqueline going up soon, I found it very interesting. I'm going to read/review Thoughtless very soon. I can't wait!

    1. I got Thoughtless, but I didn't want to commit to a review right now. I took on too many books, so I need to get through some first.


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