Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Silliness (3)

Hi guys!! Welcome to another Saturday Silliness. I know I didn't do one last week, but we all know that a book signing recap was way more interesting. But, now that I don't have anything else more interesting, back to the normal feature. I'll be honest guys, nothing really silly happened this week. I could go on a rant about my super scumbag neighbor, but that wouldn't be very silly and the point of this post is to lift spirits and make people smile. (Or roll your eyes at how lame I am, but that's okay too. I still love all of you dearly.)

I will give you some more out of the F my Life book. They seem to be pretty funny.

Today, at the dinner table, my parents were talking to my younger sister about her new boyfriend and how they should be taking it slow. My sister pointed out that that's not what I do. Nay dad said, "Believe me, I know-your sister's easier to get into than community college." FML

Today I was hitting on a girl who was getting ready to walk into the same class as I was. We were waiting outside the room, and I told her that I had heard that the professor was a total bitch. We walked into the room. I sat down at a desk. She stood behind the podium. FML

Today I told myself: "Go on, you big geek, go outside, get some sun, get your ass away from you computer, go for a walk." I finally mustered the courage to leave my house. Without my keys. I've been in an Internet cafe for four hours. FML

Today I was driving after dark and saw a small animal run across the road. I slammed on my brakes and got rear-ended. The animal turned out to be a plastic grocery bag. FML

Today I was making a smoothie. I didn't plug in the blender until after all the ingredients were inside. It was still on when I plugged it in...with no lid. FML

That's it for this Saturday. If you have any suggestions on things you find silly or entertaining that you would like to see, leave me a comment. If you have a funny story to tell you can email me and I will post it in a Saturday Silliness post and credit you. I am all about entertainment going into the weekend. :)


  1. "Believe me, I know-your sister's easier to get into than community college." AHAHA that's hilarious! Great quote selections they were really funny.

    1. Glad you enjoyed them. I laugh so hard going through and picking them out. Some of them are hilarious!!

  2. That's awesome. I lol'd at that first F My Life snippet. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha! That one was so awesome!!


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