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Blog Tour: Black Satin: Book Review and Interview with Rae Hachton

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my stop on the Black Satin Blog Tour. This tour is hosted by SupaGurl Books. For the full schedule click on the tour banner to be brought to her site. This is the second book in the Pretty in Black series by Rae Hachton. I have my review and an Interview with the author.

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Publish Date: May 28, 2012
Publisher: Teen Pulse
Source: ebook provided by SupaGurl Book Tours for review


What if you weren’t who you thought you were?
What if your whole life changed in an instant and you were released to a new identity?
What if you were forced to kill the one you love?
What if everything you knew wasn’t real, and you awaken to a new world?
What if love could take you to unknown places? How beautiful is death really?

Marcus Marble has disappeared from Ellie’s life, and she needs answers to questions and he’s the only one who can answer them. How is her sister back from the dead, and why is Ellie still alive? When Ellie realizes Marcus isn’t coming back, she is forced to move on with her life the best way she can, in hopes of finding the answers herself, but when people at school begin to be viciously murdered, and Giles reveals to her a life changing secret, she decides to investigate the possible truth of it. What she discovers is more than she thought she would. The only time Ellie feels normal is when she’s around Walter, the new guy at school. And normal is how she wants to feel, now that Marcus is gone from her life. But Walter may not be all that he seems, either, and she just might spiral in to an even more dark world, she never thought possible. And when it occurs to her that Marcus has made the decision to pass on through to the afterlife, during the Risorgimento, she races against time to stop him, while knowing she has feelings for Walter, too.
Will she make it in time to stop Marcus from passing through, and if she does, what will she tell Walter? Her heart will have to make the final decision. But will the choice be worth dying for?

My Thoughts 

After reading the first book in this series I was really curious to see where the story would go. You can see my review here. I love how this one starts off from Marcus's POV and we get to see how some of the events that unfolded were in his eyes. We also get a bit of background on some of the stuff in Nevermore and how he actually died and came to be an Evermore. After that we jump right back into the story where book one left off in Ellie's POV. She is lost and heartbroken and trying to pull herself together. The first few chapters really set the tone for the book perfectly. 

Ellie is broken, but hopeful in this one. I really do admire her strength. She is also confused because there is a new guy at school who really is quite charming and pretty hot. He has eyes only for her, and he also stands up for her and is a bit of a trouble maker. (Which is totally hilarious) This new guy, Walter stirs up all sorts of feelings in her, but she is completely in love with Marcus so she doesn't want to let herself get close to him. She is struggling with the idea that Marcus may never come back, but she doesn't want to try to move on in case he does. She feels like they are meant to be in life and death and the feelings she starts to have for Walter really make things hard and confusing. I get a bit irritated that she seems to be bouncing back and forth and knows that she is hurting Walter though. It's selfish. I get that she is confused though. On top of that she finds out a few secrets about herself and her family that make things even harder. 

There's some major stuff going on with a ripper too. This dude is killing high school kids. Ellie knows who it is, and she knows that she can stop him if only she takes on her Corvidae Hunting duties. She needs to make the decision to become one of the Hunters or to try to fix things on her own. She knows that joining the Hunters would mean she would have to kill Marcus if she see's him again, but she thinks she could fight it. That is really the least of her worries at the moment though. As we find out things are a lot crazier than that. 

This book takes us to the next level. There is a lot more danger, more heartache, romance, and we get to see some more really cool places like The Land of Naught. I really loved that part of the book. The descriptiveness was so fabulous that I could envision it so easily. I can't really say too much without spoiling things for you, but I really enjoyed this book. In fact I liked it more than the first and can see my love for this series growing with each book. I am looking forward to the next book. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Interview with Rae Hachton

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions.

How did you come up with the story for the Pretty In Black series?
The story came to me, one night, while in the cemetery. I saw an apparition—a guy and a girl laying on a stone, talking, but their embraced looked tragic. I brought the image home with me, unable to think of anything else but that, and I begin writing the very next day.

Did you have the whole series planned out first, or did you figure it out as you went?

I had no idea it would become a series at all until Marcus Marble came to me again, in a dream, and said there was tons more to be told. I thought it was only going to be that one book. So, I spent a while breaking my original Pretty in Black file down and removing certain things that were either false—and Marcus told me what parts were false—or the things that needed to be saved for later. So, now there is 4 books in the series.

Are any of your characters based on real people?
No, but Marcus feels very real to me.

If the Pretty In Black series were to be made into movies, is there anyone in mind who you would think is the perfect Ellie or Marcus?

Ellie: Stacey Farber 

Marcus: Ephraim Ellis

The new character, that will be introduced in Black Satin: Walter: Justin Kelly

You may all know them as former and current Degrassi stars. But if anyone needs any visuals, I have attached images below!


There are three books to this series right? Are you finished writing the series yet? If so what are you working on now? I see you have a few books coming out in the next few years.

There are Four: Pretty in Black * Black Satin * Raven in the Grave * Evermore 

I am currently working on Book Three in the Pretty in Black series: Raven in the Grave and on Frankie's Monster: The story about a Xombie and the girl who loves him. And it's true, I have several projects that I am hoping to complete in the next few years!

Oh how did I miss the fourth one on Goodreads!
How different was writing this series from your previous book? That was a contemporary right?

Well, when I first began reading, contemporary books were totally my thing. I couldn't get enough of them. I Loved Megan McCafferty, Judy Blume, and anything similar to those stories. And when I thought about being a writer, these are the kinds of stories I envisioned writing. So Pretty in Black took me by surprise. I did always have a penchant for the darker side of life, but I never thought I'd end up writing about it. In fact, I never thought I would even be able to complete a Manuscript because wanting to and actually doing it were completely separate things. But I did manage to write my first contemporary when I was 19. Three years later, after nothing, Pretty in Black emerged. And I ended up in a completely different writing arena and totally unsure of how to handle it, but now that I have finished book two in this series—a series!! you guys!—and I'm already working on book three, it feels totally natural. And I do have some future contemporary ideas!

This is exciting!! I am really enjoying this series, so I am interested to see where it goes.

What inspired you to write? Have you always known you wanted to be a writer?

I read, A Lot, growing up, because I had access to tons of books, but as a child, even through my teen years, I didn't have many friends because people thought I was odd, you know, that old story. Books were my friends. I devoured Goosebumps when I was in elementary school, then in middle school I discovered the beauty of contemporary and that's what I read. I had the idea, ever since I was really young, that writing was awesome and that I might want to be a writer. I wrote a lot of poetry, but that was it. I think the thing that changed this was when I was 19 and I had had a fabulous Spring Break trip planned that never came to fruition, so I was stuck at home and I just, out of the blue, decided to finally write a novel and that's what happened. 3 years later, I did it again.

Some authors are inspired by music, or need to have music to write. Do you listen to music, or do you need quiet?

I am one of those authors indeed! I HAVE to have it in order to write. I have soundtracks for each of my novels. I have a different soundtrack for each book in the Pretty in Black series, which can be found on my Evermore website: I even have soundtracks for novels I haven't written yet. This is mandatory.

Random questions

Favorite snack?

I like to eat Pocky and drink Jones Soda when writing sometimes.

Favorite movie?

I have several: But to name 3 off the top of my head: The Crow, Cruel Intentions, Tuff Turf [It's an awesome 80s movie!]

Favorite Food?


Favorite color?

Pink, Black, Royal Purple

Favorite season?


Favorite office supply?

Composition Notebooks!

Thanks so much for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is really fun! 

 About the author

My nom de plume is Rae Hachton, but my real name is Desirae. I write novels for young adults. I am the author of the Pretty in Black series, which is a Gothic Romance. Some of my favorite things are moonflowers, ravens and crows, The Raveonettes music, black roses, railroad tracks, the Victorian era, and cemeteries. If I could be a time of day, I would be 5:55 p.m. or that magical hour during sunset. More things that I like: Violin music, spiders & cobwebs, 50s music, skeletons, Dracula, & Castles. Also, I love Jones Soda and Pocky, and wishes Halloween were everyday

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OMG! She's like a girl after my own heart! Pocky, Chinese food, Composition notebooks, and Autumn. Love all of that!! This was fun. I really love getting to know authors better and find out some of the inner workings of their books. Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the interview.  Below you will find the rafflecopter for the tour wide giveaway which is full of awesome!!

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  1. Great review Amy you know I thought this was a self pub book when I read reviews of it up until now. I remember reading your review of book 1. It's great that a sequel can be just as good, even better. A lot of the time i get underwhelmed by the second book. It sounds very dark and intense which I usually really go for! And I love the dream cast! They all have very 80s hairstyles though!! haha. and what's Pocky? I've never heard of that. Maybe it's a US thing. You and your odd candies! :P but from the author's bio, skeletons, Dracula, castles, gothic stories - that's me dude!!! :D

    1. Right?! Seriously, Rae just sounds so awesome!! Well, she is awesome lol!! Pocky isn't a US thing. I will tweet you a link or something. I loved this second book. It kind of overlaps with the first one, but it really lets you get the depth of the story. I absolutely loved that about it.

  2. Interesting. I hadn't heard of this one before. It sounds almost creepy.

    I love that music plays a big part in her writing. I love to listen to music while reading but I've found I'm the exception to the rule.


    1. I can only listen to instrumental music when reading. If I listen to music with words I get distracted by my need to sing a long lol!! This series is really good. I really enjoyed this second book a lot!!

  3. I'm starting this next dude!!! I'm excited!!! Although I REALLY want to thouroughly read your review as to why it only got 3.5 stars! ;) I shall refrain, bc you know how easily persuaded and discouraged I am! LMFAO

  4. Haha!! It's okay. I totally understand. I really did like it, there were just some things that bothered me about it. I am enjoying the series though.

  5. Nice interview! I have no idea what Pocky is.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the series. It's always nice when book 2 exceeds expectations.

    1. Yes, I love it when the second book is as good or better. Pocky is like cookie type sticks with frosting stuff. So good!!


    (Also, awesome review and interview, but seriously--DEGRASSI CAST. So much yes.)

    1. LOL! I totes love you chick!! Your comments always make me smile. Or laugh. ;)

  7. Nice review! I've seen some mixed reviews on this one, but it sounds like you enjoyed it. :)

    1. I was a bit worried going into this one because I liked the first one, but it wasn't spectacular for me so I didn't know how this one would be. I am glad that I liked this one more.

  8. I sort of skimmed your review because I haven't read Pretty in Black yet. I'm glad you enjoyed book two a bit better than book one though, perhaps you'll like the next a tad more too. :)

    1. I hope so. I really enjoy where we were taken in this one, and I really love the settings and descriptiveness. It really is very well done.


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