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Cover Reveal: The Pack:Marked by Suzanne Cox

I know what you are thinking right now, another cover reveal. Yup, that's 2 in one day. I can't resist a pretty cover and feel the need to show the world. Besides, if it's a cover reveal coming from BB Book Tours it's bound to be fab. Okay, so maybe not the world since obviously not everyone reads my blog, but you get my point. So, this cover reveal is for The Pack: Marked by Suzzane Cox and it's fantastic!! For real, but I will let you be the judge of that.


Nightmares and sleepwalking haven’t made good bedfellows for Alexis Miller for the last year. Now that she’s been exiled to the swamps of Lebeaux, Louisiana to spend the summer with an aunt she barely knows, she’ll have to deal with the problem on her own. But Lebeaux has its own problems. People are dying here and no one seems to be able to stop it.

New friends and a new guy she’s falling in love with should make for a good summer, but Alexis’ nightmares and sleep walking are escalating and are populated with the wolves she sees lurking in the woods near her aunt’s home. The visions she’s seeing of blood and death has Alexis wondering what exactly she’s doing when she’s sleepwalking and the discovery of her aunt’s bloody shirt makes her question her Aunt Louise’s involvement in the recent deaths. Even the sheriff is giving Alexis accusing looks.

Before summer ends Alexis will learn an ominous truth. One that will change her life forever.

Title:  The Pack: Marked

Author: Suzanne Cox

Expected Pub: July 23rd 2012
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Author Bio:

Suzanne Cox
I remember writing my first stories when I was about nine or ten years old. I've been writing ever since. In 2002 I decided to seriously try and get some of my work published. On February 14th of 2005 I sold my first book, A Different Kind of Man, to Harlequin Superromance. While trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up, besides a writer, I went to college (alot) and worked a variety of jobs. I have a bachelor of arts in English with a minor in secondary education, a bachelor of science in nursing, a master of science in career and technical education with an emphasis in adult education and most recently, a master of science in nursing as a family nurse practitioner. I was also a National Board Certified Teacher in career and technical education. Along the way I've worked as a high school English teacher and an elementary teacher. I've worked as a registered nurse on a cardiac unit, brain injury rehab unit, and several different medical-surgical units. I've also done stints as a home health nurse and a commnunity health educator at a hospital, and many years as an allied health instructor at a high school career and technology center. Presently, I'm working full time as a family nurse practitioner at an inpatient psychiatric facility.

If I'm not writing I like to spend time reading. My husband and I share our home with our four legged children. Our boy and girl in puppy dog clothes, Toby and Sassy, who masquerade as Miniature Pinschers. We are also owned by three cats Chase, Jackson, and Spots.  We are all terrorized by Gray Kitty, a stray who decided to stay and take over.

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I think this book sounds great. The cover is amazing. I love how dark and mysterious looking it is and has the wolf there! The font is pretty great too. I am looking forward to reading this one.


  1. Pretty! I love the coloring and the girl looks like... dead. Creepy!

  2. It is a creepy looking, but really pretty cover.

  3. Ooh this cover looks so pretty! I love that wolf in the background and then the girl! Kind of reminds me of the Nightshade cover, after the cover change :)

  4. Does look creepy but I love it!


    1. It's so pretty and creepy at the same time.

  5. Thanks so much for hosting the cover reveal of Marked. Loving the creepy comments. It's a creepy kind of book! In a good way I promise. I'm so excited for this book to be available on the 23rd!! Thanks again for the spot on your site!!!

    1. You are so welcome!! It was my pleasure to feature such a gorgeous looking, awesome sounding book on my blog.

  6. Right?! This is completely one of my FAV covers!!!! I LOVE it!! Thanks babe!!

    1. It's so gorgeous!! I was happy to take part in the reveal. Phat Puppy does the best covers!!!


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