Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Once Upon A Read-a-Thon Update

So I know that a lot of people have some pretty awesome goals for this. I wish I could just read for hours, but I can't so my goal is to finish Lucid by P.T. Michelle and read The Dream Slayer by Jill Cooper. Maybe I can get more in, but it usually takes me about two days to read one book so this goal is more than I would normally read. I was only about 20% into Lucid when the challenge started.

How have I done so far? Well, I think that by the time this posts or by the morning time anyways, I will be done with Lucid, so all I will have to do is read all of The Dream Slayer to complete my goal. I also read a chapter of Vampire Academy and three chapters of Fairy Metal Thunder. At the end maybe I will total up my page count and see how I did. Hope everyone else is doing really great with their goals.Clicking on the covers will bring you to the books Goodreads page.

They both have such pretty covers. I will complete my goal!! I am determined to do it even though I am a slow reader. I wish I had more than like 3 or 4 hours to read uninterrupted, but what can you do?

*Update: I did not finish reading Lucid, but I am hoping to have it done this afternoon. The kiddo woke up because of a bad dream and so I wasn't able to finish it last night.


  1. You're doing great! As long as you're reading that's all that counts. :)

    1. Yeah, that's what I figured. I would have finished Lucid last night, but my poor kiddo woke up crying at almost 11 and it took me a while to calm her and get her back in bed. I'm a slow reader so even being able to finish that book and start another is good for me.

  2. Good luck with your goal. I hope you meet it.


    1. I'm going to try really hard. Thanks!!!


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