Sunday, October 21, 2012

Book Buzzers Week 4 - 5 books you want to re-read

Hello everyone!! Welcome to week 4 of the Book Buzzers. I totally suck and I didn't post it to my blog last week, but if you want to see my vlog you can always check it out on the Book Buzzers YouTube channel. I have been having so much fun doing the vlogs for this and so have the other members. Don't forget to check their blogs out!

Monday: Jenni @Alluring Reads
Tuesday: Emily from @Doodle's Book Blog
Wednesday: Evie from @Evie Bookish
Thursday: Justin from @Justin's Book Blog
Friday: Tiffany from @Escaping One Book At A Time
Saturday: Jessirae from @Words, Pages, And Books
Sunday: Amy from @Book Loving Mom (That's me!)
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This week the topic was 5 books you want to re-read. I do a whole lot of rambling and don't have any visuals. Just me talking at you for a few minutes lol! I am posting the video directly from my computer since some people seem to have problems seeing it when I put upload it here from YouTube, but I will also have the vlog on the YouTube Channel. 
Now I want to know what your thoughts are on re-reading. Do you do it? Do you wish you had time to? What books would you like to re-read? Leave me a comment and let me know. :)


  1. I can't see the video... Bet it was a good list!

  2. Re-read? I'd love to re-read Obsidian and Onyx just before Opal comes out. I'd love to re-read Firelight cause I have the rest of the series and I really want to read it all together. I should stop now....


  3. I'm like you. Even before blogging, I never re-read much. I mean, I always wanted to re-read some of my top favorites but . . . it just never happened because there's just not enough time, lol!

    Even my most, most, most favorites I don't re-read because there are a ton of books out there that I haven't read that I need to make time for, haha! And I don't do re-reads because I already know what's going to happen so I don't have patience to sit through it, lol!

    But if I did somehow get more time in each day, I would probably re-read my top favorites, such as:

    1) Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton
    2) Crash by Nicole Wiliams
    3) Full Moon by Jordan Deen
    4) Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
    5) Half-Blood by JLA

    Hahaha, I don't think CAM and JLA are ever coming off my favorites list! And great video by the way! I totes watched the whole thing! :))))


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