Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guest Post: Eileen from Singing and Reading in the Rain

Hi guys!! Today I have a special post on the blog. I promise I will be back to reviews for the rest of the week. :) Eileen from Singing and Reading in the Rain is celebrating her 1 year blogoversary and I have let her take over my blog for the occassion! But first, I just want to tell all of you how sweet and amazing she is. I'm actually not sure how I came across her blog, but I am so glad I did. She is so enthusiastic and her great attitude and personality just makes you smile. Besides that, this girl has major talent. She plays instruments and sings too!! Anyways my point to all of this is, whether you have been following her and know how awesome she is, or you are just now hearing about her blog, it's totally worth following. I stalk it on a daily basis! I will now let Eileen take over my blog.

A Day in the Life of Eileen

I’m sure you’re all wondering how my day goes. To be honest, it’s kind of interesting yet really boring. So have fun reading about the day in the life of Eileen. O_O (Proceed with caution, and this is written similar to a script, only more like a monologue!) This was on Friday, October 5th, I believe! And most of it is rounded in terms of time since I wasn’t watching the clock exactly.

7:00 AM—Alarm goes off. Internal thoughts: NOO I DON’T WANT TO WAKE UP. Passes out again.

7:10 AM—Sits up. I need to get up. Gets out of bed, does the usual morning routine: go to the bathroom; take out my contacts (don’t ask, they’re a special brand called OK lenses that you wear at night and take off during the day). Plods downstairs in pajamas

7:20 AM—Me: RAYMOND [My adorable brother] GET UP! Raymond: OKAY! Brushes hair. Complains at how un-straight my hair is contrary to normal Asian hair patterns to brother who’s looking uncomfortable sitting at the toilet hearing me drone on. Goes into mom’s room. Stands above her. Mom: What? Me: I still feel sick from last night. Mom: Take your temperature; see if you still have a fever.

7:25 AM—Five minutes later, I still have a fever. Dad plans to call in and let me stay home sick.

7: 25 AM—Phone call doesn’t go through. Decides to go to school for English class presentation, science lab, and geometry lessons.

7:35 AM—Packs backpack and gathers flute. Am I forgetting something? I’m forgetting something! Now I’m going to go to school and forget something, and have to call home, and then my grandparents will totally go, “You had like 5 minutes before, why didn’t you double check?” Leaves house with backpack anyway, despite inner conscious and pending sickness. Runs after dad for band class.

7:45 AM—Gets to band. Teacher stares me down. Tells friend I have a fever. Friend inches away from me. I don’t blame her.

 8:05 AM—Teacher screams at friend and I for counting wrong. I blame it on my friend half-jokingly.

8:10 AM—Band ends. Friend and I go to other friend where friend A tells friend B how much said teacher hates her. I agree.

8:15 AM—Goes to locker. Tries to open lock. Lock doesn’t open. Considers going into hulk mode and just rip the locker open. Decides it would be inefficient. Attacks lock again.

8:20 AM—Walks into homeroom class. Sits. Makes really pathetic small talk with the people around me. Wonders what would happen if I fainted and fell out of my chair. Decides I’ve been reading too many damsel-in-distress books. I still love them anyway.

8:30 AM—Grumbles with friend about how gym is first period instead of in the middle of the day because the grass outside is always wet and gross and messes up our shoes.

9:00 AM—Loses ultimate Frisbee game. Wonder briefly why we’re playing Frisbee instead of soccer. Gets Frisbee test back. Received a 90.

9:17 AM—Walks to social studies with a random person. Continues very hard test concerning the presidency and federal elections. (Yesterday was the official test, but for the first test of the year in social studies we received an extra 10 minutes the next day, so I check my answers.) Forgets in a true/false question whether the Senate is mostly comprised of Republicans or Democrats, or if the House of Representatives are comprised of more Republicans or Democrats. Marks down “False” for both.

9:50 AM—Hears a very random story about when a president went completely crazy after said test. Apparently he took a break halfway through his term to (and I repeat): sell chickens and WATERMELONS on the side of the road. During his vice presidency. Laughs uncontrollably.

10:00 AM—Hears another very random story about when a vice president shoots his hunting partner while hunting QUAIL. Then learns that “hunting” quail really means, “tracking” quail because quail do not fly. Loses it and starts laughing so hard. Receives interesting looks.

10:07 AM—Migrates next door to English class. Gets ready to present book report even with a fever.

10:54 AM—Teacher lets me present. There are three minutes until class ends. I will go on Tuesday, after the weekend and Monday (Columbus Day; we get off) first thing. One reason I came to school with a fever was for nothing.

11:41 AM—Asks teacher if I can go to the nurse to get my temperature measured. Comes back 5 minutes later after nurse proclaims I don’t have a fever anymore. Is disappointed and happy all at once.

1:27 PM—Walks into geometry class. Teacher hands me a review worksheet and proclaims that will be all we do that week. Is feeling slightly more wistful at all the work I could finish if I stayed home. Decides fate wanted me to go to school. Trudges on.

2:15 PM—Sets up science chemical lab. Watches as baking soda, water, and calcium explodes together in a beaker. Has fun over-dosing on ingredients and making the chemicals bubble over the top.

2:35 PM—Watches when phenol red, baking soda, and vinegar mixes together to see a yellow bubbly substance bubble over the top of the beaker. Then turns orange then red in less than two seconds total. Decides going to school today was totally worth the seven periods before.

3:30 PM—Gets off the bus after bus driver missed my stop. Again. Shrugs it off. Exercise is good.

3:35 PM—Films vlog for Stacking the Shelves and tries to film cover. Sore throat disapproves. Decides the weekend is needed to shake sickness off before officially singing.

5:00 PM—Stalks mail. Is disappointed nothing has come. Dramatically sighs. Plays on Twitter

7:00 PM—Emerges from Twitter. Decides I must write a review. Plays on Twitter some more. Checks phone again for any comments/emails. Tweets link to book review. Reminds self I must not be on Twitter. Ignores inner conscious.

8:00 PM—Finishes Chinese homework and dinner. Sighs over how much said person sucks at Chinese. Mom brings up how Dad will help me with Chinese. Mentally thinks it’s too late to save me.

9:00 PM—Watches weird movie with Mom and brother where horse eats little girl randomly in the most gruesome way possible. Trees attack parents of said girl. Grossed out Eileen retreats upstairs and reads the rest of the night.

12:00 PM—Passes out.

That was quite fun to read!! I am so happy that I have gotten to know Eileen, and I am very excited for her that she is celebrating her one year blogoversary! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY CHICK!! *Throws confetti* If you don't follow her, you should. Just click on her blog button below.

Singing and Reading in the Rain


  1. Yay thanks for letting me violate your blog today! :) I had a ton of fun writing this post my days are always super weird lol :P Thanks again Amy!

    1. You're so welcome! It was my pleasure. :) Happy blogoversary chick!

  2. Baha this was great! I Sounds like you had a very... amusing day - at least it was for me who read it! :D

    Happy blogoversary Eileen!!

    1. I was very entertained too. This was very entertaining to read.

  3. Fever? Dang girl! So dedicated to ....um what class was that again!! Too fun.

    (Math teacher)

    1. Haha!! That's what I was thinking when I first read it too. I would have been home in bed. Even if the call wouldn't go through to call me out. They would call when I didn't show up.

  4. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I was happy to post this for Eileen. She is awesome!!

  5. Happy blogoversary to Eileen! Sounds like an interesting day. Took me back to my days of going to school. I always have to set my alarm for a half hour before I need to get so I can hit the snooze button. I play on the internet and have to tell myself to get off too. Curious what movie she was watching where a horse ate a girl?!

    1. Haha I was thinking the same thing about the movie. I would love to know what movie that was.

  6. Sounds kinda like my day LOL.. I always have my friends who complains a lot.. I mostly tell them to be nicer, but they ignore me.. There always seem to be a teacher who hates you!! Ugh..

    Secrets of Lost Words

    P. S. Student life sucks..

  7. Fun! I don't think I could write such a lively recap of my day.

  8. Too cute Eileen! I think I want to know what movie it was that you watched though...so I know to stay away from it! :)


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