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Review: Tempting the Player (Gamble Brothers #2) by J. Lynn

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  • Publisher: Entangled Publishing (Brazen)
  • Publication date: 10/22/2012
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Chad Gamble, all-star pitcher for the Nationals, is one of the best players on—and off—the field. And right now, the notorious bad boy wants Bridget Rodgers. But with her lush curves and snappy comebacks, the feisty redhead is the kind of woman a man wants to settle down with…and that’s the last thing Chad needs.

When the paparazzi catch them in a compromising position, Chad’s manager issues an ultimatum: clean up his act or kiss his multi-million dollar contract goodbye. To save his career, his meddling publicist says he'll have to convince everyone Bridget isn’t just his flavor of the week, but his girlfriend.

Being blackmailed into a fake relationship with Chad Gamble isn’t easy, especially when the sizzling physical attraction between them is undeniable. With a month to go on their arranged pretense, it's going to take every ounce of willpower they have not to fall into bed together...or in love.

My Thoughts

So you know those books that have you grinning from ear to ear when you finish? This is that book! I don't even know how to write a review that will express my love for Tempting the Player. I thought I loved Chase and Madison's story, but WHOA!! Chad and Bridget's story is on fire!! I seriously needed a fan!! Chad Gamble has taken the place of Chase as my favorite Gamble brother. I loved everything about this book. EVERY. SINGLE. THING. We still get to see a lot of the characters from Tempting the Best Man, but this one's focus is on Bridget and Chad and I loved their story!! It had me smiling, laughing, fanning myself, getting frustrated with them, and shedding tears.  

Bridget is Maddie's assistant. If you have read Tempting the Best Man you will remember her. She is not the type of woman to go out and have a one night stand. Heck, when they go to the Leather and Lace club where she meets Chad, that is completely out of her element. There is just something about Chad that is irresistible to her though. Besides the fact that he is an all-star pitcher, gorgeous, and rich. She is insecure though and doesn't know how he can want anything to do with her when he can sleep with a different supermodel every night. I loved seeing her let her walls down and let him in. She builds them back up over and over again, but I really enjoyed her coming to certain realizations and totally not being able to deny the off the charts chemistry they have. 

Oh my hottness!! Chad Gamble!! I am getting flushed just thinking about the things he can do!! Oh, he's a player all right, but the thing is, he's not as bad as the public really sees him. And that night at the club when he meets Bridget, something changes in him. He denies it and fights it, but there is no way that he can run away from it. Bridget is different than any girl he has ever met and he is totally intrigued by her. He just wants to please her. In more ways than one. And oh, my does he! Sizzling, Steamy, Sexy... those are just some of the words I have for Chad. 

Okay now onto the actual story. Though the steamy scenes are awesome, we have a fantastic story in there too. Chad and Bridget are fake dating to save his career and her job. The only thing is they are both falling for each other. Hell, they had already fallen for each other before the whole fake dating thing started. They both think that the other only agreed to the arrangement and it has nothing to do with actually liking each other. It's so frustrating to see them get so close and then push each other away thinking that it's all for show. I loved getting the dual POV's because it really helped connect to each of them. His publicist acts like she has to train them on how to behave on dates too. And OMG she was a freaking riot. Oh, she's an evil bitch, but she is good. She knows what she is doing and she became one of my favorite secondary characters in this book.

This book was full of those steamy scenes we are all looking for in a book like this, but it's so much more. I had all the feelings with this book. And you bet it was addicting. I did not want to put this book down for anything. Fantastic characters, sizzling hot scenes, and a sweet romance. This book took me on a roller coaster of emotions and I loved every single second of it. I can't wait for Chandler's story next in Tempting the Bodyguard!! 5 out of 5 stars.


  1. Couldn't agree more! My review goes up tomorrow.


    1. Ahhh this was soo good!! I really need the next book now!

  2. Ooh this sounds sexy! And I love it when it's sexy, AND there's a story, too--well most times baha. I But really this sounds amazing. It's rare that I love EVERYTHING about a book so this makes me uber curious, especially that it's a sequel which more often than not end up a big disappointment. Lovely review, darling!!

    1. These books are so good. Even though this is a sequel, it's like a companion novel. You don't have to read the first one, but you get all the extra info if you have.

  3. Love this review Amy! Yes, I love how these books are in dual POVs, esp since I'm a fan of getting the guy's perspective lol. And yes, having an amazing story in addition to the love & sex is key and a reason why I won't read smutty books, lol :)

    Gods, I can't wait to read Chandler's story bc I know it's going to be awesome & Jen said he's her fav so I'm expecting a very hilarious & romantic story! :)

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    Deity Island

    1. Yay!! That's exciting!! I am really looking forward to Chandler's book. I am the same, I like a good steamy book, but it has to have a good story, not just hot, sexy scenes!!

  4. I'm 58% into this one right now and I'm really liking it! Of course, I love all of Jennifer's books! I love that it has the dual POV too! Fabulous review Amy :-)

  5. I skimmed your review because I'm dying to read this! I'm hoping I can read it this weekend! I'm really looking forward to Chad's story. I really liked him in the first book. Squeee

  6. Eeee!! I received both books from the publisher last week. I'm really excited. So glad you lived this one event re the TtBZm. Great review!

  7. Yes loved this book too! I loved this one more than Tempting the Best Man! I love Chad <3 I'm so excited for Chandler's story too now!

  8. Okay, I totes dig this series purely for entertainment purposes. It makes me laugh and makes me feel the sexy, which is awesome. It's a bit of fluff and it's likeable and addictive. But, this, THIS is my favorite plot line. I LOOOOVE fauxmances, they are just full of The Funny Things and are exciting and fun. I'm now excited multiplied for this book. AHHH, I need it!


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