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Sourcebooks Spooktacular Tour, Guest Post, and Giveaway

It's almost Halloween and to celebrate Sourcebooks is doing a Spooktacular giveaway of a set of 4 awesome books!! So today on my blog I have my review of Horrid Henry's Monster Movie, a fun guest post from Jeff Strand, and the giveaway for a set of 4 books!

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  • Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
  • Publication date: 9/1/2012
  • Pages: 112
  • Source: paperback copy provided by the publisher for review
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Contains four stories - Horrid Henry's Monster Movie, Horrid Henry's Horrid Weekend, Horrid Henry's Grump Card, Horrid Henry's Olympics

My thoughts

This is a really cute and fun book that is great for kids who want a few short stories that are easy to read. This book contains four different stories of different situations that Horrid Henry is in. 

As a mom I have to say that the way that some of the characters behave is a bit of a bad influence. I had to keep telling my daughter as I was reading it to her that it's not okay to tell people to shut up or to be mean to others. I found eventually I actually started to say hush or be quiet when shut up was mentioned because it seemed to be quite frequent. I did think that the stories were cute and fun though. 

The first story is a competition of sorts between Horrid Henry and another girl to make the best monster movie. It is funny what he tries to make his brother do for the film. He is really mean to his really well behaved, nice brother. Though I almost can't blame him. His brother is a little tattle tale. 

The next story is about a weekend at his awful cousins house. His cousin is Stuck-up Steve. He is exactly as his name says. He will go out of his way to pick on Horrid Henry and get him in trouble. Horrid Henry has a plan of his own though and his cousins plan to exclude him totally backfires. 

In the third story Horrid Henry tries to trick his brother, Perfect Peter into giving him some Grump Cards. (Which are like get out of jail free cards to his parents) He is mad that he doesn't have any and he thinks he should have some. His brother has so many and never uses them since he is so good. Horrid Henry just wants to be a brat and get away with everything. 

And the last story in the book is Horrid Henry's Olympics. The school decides to have their own Olympics, but Henry doesn't like the events so he creates his own and lets people pay to join his. Of course being the Horrid person he is, things don't go as planned. 

Overall this is an easy to read book that I think kids will enjoy. I wish that there was more of a lesson to the stories that being bad never gets you anywhere. Some of the stories he gets what he deserves, but with how horrible he acts, it's almost like he gets away with being a mean and bratty child. Of course that is the mom in me speaking. The intended audience I am sure would love this book. My daughter did. She has has me read it to her twice already.  3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Guest post from Jeff Strand


In A Bad Day For Voodoo, the narrator, Tyler Churchill rewinds a scene in the book to feature a
more dramatic alternate version. Find out the top three moments Jeff would rewind and create
and alternate version for in his life.

1. My birth. Aside from the whole "miracle of birth" thing, there was nothing really dramatic
about it. I mean, yeah, my mom thought it hurt and I was crying and somebody was going "Push!
Push!" but for this moment to really have dramatic impact I should have come out singing "Born
This Way" by Lady Gaga. Then doctors would have been screaming "This child is unnatural!
Destroy it! Destroy it!" but my dad would have stopped them from squishing me between the
defibrillator paddles. After fleeing the hospital, my parents would have tried to get me to sing so
they could make millions from the miracle singing baby, but I would've been like the frog in the
cartoon and ONLY sang when there were no other witnesses around. Ha!

2. That one time in high school when I broke my arm. Here is how I broke my arm: I was
playing soccer, and I ran at this guy who had the ball, and we collided, and I hit the ground.
Crunch. The thing is, soccer is primarily known as a sport you play with your feet. I mean,
they even call it football in other countries. So when you tell people that you broke your arm
playing soccer, they're all like "Huh? What? How do you break your arm playing soccer?" It's
embarrassing. If I could rewind, I could have broken my arm in a sport where you actually use
your arms, like bowling.

3. Writing this guest blog entry. I'm writing this on my back porch. My cat is asleep. None of
my opponents have made a move in Words With Friends for the past half hour. Yaaawwwwwn.
If I could rewind, one of my opponents would have played a really lame word, like IT, but then
I'd use their "I" and play QUIZ, where Q was on a Triple Letter Score and Z was on a Triple
Word Score, so I'd get 129 points and even if they had the J and the X they'd never beat me!
Ooooh, such glorious drama!

And Sourcebooks has been nice enough to offer up a set of 4 books for this Spooktacular giveaway!!
  • Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross
  • Horrid Henry & the Zombie Vampire by Francesca Simon and illustrated by Tony Ross
  • Picture the Dead by Adele Griffin
  • A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand

 Giveaway is US/CAN only
Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen
I am not responsible for lost or damaged items

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  1. I've heard that Diary of a Wimpy Kid is kind of like that too. Didn't you read A Bad Day for Voodoo??? It looks familiar.

    1. Yes, I did read A Bad Day for Voodoo and it was such a fun book!! I am so excited that it is one of the books up for grabs in this giveaway!

    2. How fun ! I really enjoy reading fun stories w/my kids, but I don't like to read them stories w/rude ones. I keep pointing out that I don't want my kids acting like the characters.

      Autumn, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is sort of likd that. The characters don't seem to say shut up, but the mc has a crappy attitude.

  2. I think my favorite thing about Halloween is seeing everyone's costumes! People get so creative this time of year and it's amazing to see the effort put into costumes young and old :0)

  3. Seeing the great Halloween costumes and the candy.

  4. The candy, costumes, and carving pumpkins!

  5. The scary spooky costumes. And of course the candy!

  6. I'm loving all the answers!! Halloween is so fun. I love dressing up and seeing all the other great costumes that people have!

  7. These stories sound so cute! Plus their Halloween-y so double awesome. My favorite part of Halloween is all the good movies that come on; Hocus Pocus, Adams Family, Mom's Got A Date with a Vampire, Nightmare before Christmas, etc.


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