Friday, October 26, 2012

Sweet Evil Read-Along Week 4: Halloween

The final week of the read-along and I can't believe I did it!! I was horribly behind last week and I managed to catch up and get all my reading done for both last week and this week. Yay!! So this week the theme is Halloween!! I love Halloween so this is a great topic. Fist I will talk sweets, then I will talk costumes!!


I love candy corn!! I know that a lot of people are very turned off by it, but I honestly can't get enough of the stuff. Especially the yummy caramel apple candy corn. 

Next up is skittles. Those little Halloween size bags of them won't really last long around me. I will devour them all. 

The Halloween Kit Kats! They are white chocolate Kit Kats, but they are orange! They are yummy!!

Mary Janes. Do they still make those. I feel like I haven't seen them in forever, but I totally love those. The little crunchy peanut buttery inside. It's love at first bite!!

Can't forget about anything else Halloween themed. Gummy bugs, Gummy fingers, bags of blood that are really just some yummy syrupy goodness!! 

I am not typically a big candy person most of the time with the exception of gummy bears and twizzlers, but Halloween turns me into a candy maniac. I am like the Candy Monster when it is Halloween time!


I have been many different things over the years. Most years I am actually two things. One for a Halloween Party that I usually go to and then another thing on Halloween day. I have loved Halloween since I was a kid and I have dressed up every single year since. (Well except in 2008, but I was about to have my daughter any day and was actually crossing my fingers it would happen on Halloween. She waited a few more days though. Anyways, the point being is I was huge and there was no way I was trying to dress up that bump.)

I will show you pics of me and my daughters costumes from last year. 

 She made such a cute candy corn witch
Me and then me and my sister and law

 I was too lazy to do the gray all over, but this year I am going all out!

Yup, totally in my pj's, but I think it makes me look creepier. 

So I kinda have this thing for zombies. This year I am going as an 80's zombie and my costume rocks!! I am actually going to a Halloween party tomorrow and I will most definitely have pics, so keep a look out on twitter, and my StS post on Sunday! 

Also, I have a lot of posts going up today so my full review for Sweet Evil will post tomorrow! I will say that I don't dislike Kai as much, but I'm still not a fan. I really thought I would love him like everyone else seems to, but sadly I just don't see it.

Don't forget to check out the tour hosts sites and see all of the past weeks read-along posts!


  1. Great post! I will be looking forward to your review of Sweet Evil, that's too bad you didn't like Kai all that much.

    I love Halloween too! I love all Halloween candy and love the costumes. :) Your daughter looked adorable! The 80's zombie sounds so cool too!

    1. Halloween is my favorite!! And OMG did you see the weather?!! Last year we got a freaking Nor'Easter for Halloween and this year we are getting a Hurricane. *shakes head* Crazy New England weather!!

  2. Great costumes! I'm behind on my post this week because I wanted to gather all my old Halloween pictures but of course my disc drive is not working. I'll need to come up with something else.

    1. I tried to find more pics too, but since I couldn't figure out where I put the SD cards they are stored on I just did last years. Those were still in my phone so I emailed them to myself.

  3. How fun! Thanks for sharing your pictures, Amy!

  4. Candy corn??? Really??! I'm a M&M girl. Love the costumes!!!


  5. I love candy corn! A friend of mine just sent me candy corn taffy! It's yummy! Kit Kats, Twix, and Snickers are also favorites. I also like Mary Jane's too. I don't see them very often either. :( Can't wait to see your pictures!

  6. You can have ALL my candy corn.
    Stay safe and dry. So far just some wind and a tiny bit of rain where I am. This hurricane may be huge, but it's taking forever to get here...


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