Sunday, November 4, 2012

Book Buzzers (6) Favorite Paranormal Character

Hey everyone!! I know it's November now and Halloween has come and gone, but this week our topic was a Halloween theme: Favorite Paranormal Characters and yes, I am totally in my costume for a party I attended. If you haven't checked out the other six fabulous bloggers that are part of Book Buzzers, I have listed their blogs below along with the link to our YouTube channel.

Monday: Jenni @Alluring Reads
Tuesday: Emily from @Doodle's Book Blog
Wednesday: Evie from @Evie Bookish
Thursday: Justin from @Justin's Book Blog
Friday: Tiffany from @Escaping One Book At A Time
Saturday: Jessirae from @Words, Pages, And Books
Sunday: Amy from @Book Loving Mom (That's me!)
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So I'm sure it's quite obvious that I have major love for zombies, but I am also a big fan of vampires and shifters too. What paranormal characters do you like? Any specific character from a book or just in general, I would love to know. Leave me a comment. 


  1. I'm actually reading Dearly Departed (listening) right now! :)

  2. I'm a huge 80's buff so of course I love the costume ;)

    When it comes to paranormal creatures I've kind of gone through phases. I used to be huge into witches and then for a while I was obsessed with vampires. Now some of favorite series has to do with werewolves like in The Dark Divine, Mayfair Moon, etc.

  3. I'm actually a shifter girl! Love those the very best.


  4. hahaha I love the costume so hard! You even have leg warmers and high heels! I really wish I liked the Frater series more, I really wanted to love it but I didn't. At all. Awe love the little zombie dolls so cute! I finished the second books in the Jessica Shirvington series today and I sat back and thought about it and I really may have a thing for Angel books, I never thought I would say that. Watching your video totally reminds me that I have to film my video for tomorrow!


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