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Mini Review: Forgotten Lyrics (Watersong #0.5 ) by Amanda Hocking

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  • Publisher: St. Martin's Press
  • Publication date: 10/30/2012
  • Format: eBook
  • Pages: 60
  • Source: Read on authors website
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For a limited time you can read it on Amanda Hocking's website for free. (One week only.) Click here.


Don’t miss this imaginative new short story set in the magical world of Watersong—a realm of enchanting beauty…and terrifying secrets.

Aggie is a mythological creature on a secret mission.  Lydia is a young woman from a magical family with no real powers of her own. And Daniel is a high school boy who’s made it his duty to protect his deeply troubled older brother.  Then one fateful night, their lives collide in a terrifying accident that changes them all forever. And beneath the surface, the ripple effects of the accident will have more impact than anyone could ever guess...changing not only their future, but the fate of an entire town.

My Thoughts 

I really enjoyed Wake and I am one of those people who loves novellas and short stories within a series, so I knew I wanted to read this. This takes place before Wake and it was really great to get to know some things about before, and how things came to be the way they are in Wake. 

We get to know Daniel and Lydia, but the story I think is really about Aggie. Daniel is very mature for his age and is trying to watch out for his brother. Tragedy strikes, and after all is said and done, Daniel can't really remember what happened that night. Lydia is home from college with at her grandmothers house when Aggie brings a dying Daniel to them. Her grandmother is a witch of sorts and Lydia is expected to be the one to take over when she is gone. She doesn't feel like she is able to and doubts herself. Aggie wants to change her life. She doesn't want to be an evil monster like her sisters. It goes against everything they are that she saved Daniel. If she can't hide what she has done she will suffer the consequences. 

This was a steady paced wonderful introduction into the Watersong world. It can be read either before or after reading Wake as it doesn't contain any spoilers for it. For someone who has read Wake already, I really loved getting a little bit of the history about Aggie and about Daniel. I am a sucker for any extra stuff I can get when it comes to a series that I enjoy. This was a fantastic addition to the series.  4 out of 5 stars. 

Check out the Watersong Series: Forgotten Lyrics and Wake available now. Lullaby will be available 11/27/12


  1. Thanks for sharing! I didn't even know this existed! I love novellas as well. I like getting something extra on the characters. Really interested in learning more about Daniel and Aggie.

  2. I am terrible with novellas -- I always forget about them, or I have too much to read! I have not read Wake yet, but it's on my list!

  3. I love novellas, too, Amy. I'm not sure this is a series is enjoy, but I'm glad you enjoy it. Nice job!

  4. Its great that this taught you things that happened before Wake! Great review Amy!
    Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  5. I'm still debating on whether I want to read Wake. For the most part I enjoyed book one in the Trylle series, but I feel like a lot of bloggers didn't really care for Wake. I don't think I'll ever buy it but if the library happens to get it in their e-collection one of these days I'll probably try it out. Great mini-review! I'm also a huge fan of novellas, especially the Soul Screamer ones :)

  6. Haven't started this series but I too like the little novella that authors sometimes put before or in between. So fun to read.


  7. I liked Wake, I didn't know about this one so I'll have to add it.

  8. I loved Waked. And can not wait to read Lullaby. Thanks for sharing :)


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