Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book Buzzers (10) Pet Peeves in Books

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This weeks topic is:

Pet Peeves in Books

So what pet peeves do you have in books? What do you think of mine? Do too many things bother me? Lol! Leave me a comment. As always feel free to suggest topics you want to hear us talk about.


  1. Pet peeves? I really don't like it when a book summarizes events instead of letting me experience them.

    Here's my running commentary on your vlog...

    Gonna agree on that breath thing - really???

    Love triangles - ONLY if they are done well!

    Instant love - totally agree! Instant attraction, YES.

    Get your parent comments.

    I do like the new at school thing, really.

    No I'm pretty sure there is rich popular mean girls in every school so I'm okay with that. (Teacher speaking there)

    Thank you! Yes we aren't stupid!!!

    Well maybe the girls are stupid when they mis-understand stuff. Heehee- I should go back to bed and rest cause I'm getting snarky here.

    Nice job girl.


    1. Haha!! Love your running commentary. It was very entertaining to read.

  2. Ugh, I get really annoyed when the author gives a detailed rundown of what the character is wearing. For example "I put on my ivory silk top that matched perfectly w/my charcoal grey pencil skirt. Once I added my favorite black pumps and a spritz of my peach body sorry, I was good to go." Btw, That's not from a book, but an example. It drives me insane.
    I also get annoyed when the author name drops current popular songs.

    As far as the others, I like a well-done triangle, but sick of "new guy/girl at school" storie.

    Okay. Rant over.

  3. *Red Lockers* Haha! Remember that? I loved your vlog! Some things like insta-love, over explanations, etc. are just total no-no's. As for the rest like love triangles, new schools, etc. for me, depends on the situation. There are some books where these work great and then there's a million others that just feel like been there, done that(s). I think as readers we're just craving originality, and if the story element has to be similar, we want it to at least stand out of the crowd. I like it when there's certain parts of a book that just stick out to me, ones that I remember easily and fondly.

  4. typos are what i find normally, but the inconsistency, like they left in the car but after leaving the restaurant they got into the truck. they must have a million vehicles? LOL

  5. My pet peeves are this:

    Unnecessary drama: Like a teen girl being whiny over dumb stuff
    Love triangle: I hate it when the girl bounces inbetween guys! Geesh, pick one already!!!
    Insta-love: I like to watch a love grow, but this totally bothers me.

    And bad endings! I hate when the book is all good, then you get to the end and SPLAT! It sucks!!!


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