Saturday, December 22, 2012

Review: Waiting for Mercy (Cambion #2) Shannon Dermott

  • Publisher: Wicked Truth Publishing
  • Publication date: 4/15/2012
  • Source: eBook Provided by author for review
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What do you do when you’ve been to hell and back, literally? For Mercy, it meant the beginning of the end for everything. Love, Happiness, Life.

When the people important to her are thrown into danger and she is forced to choose who to save, what will Mercy do? When the demon within her has its own agenda, going to new lengths to fulfill it, how will she cope? And when a new nemesis arrives, with a sole focus to take what belongs to her, how will she survive?

Some situations make you stronger, some make you weak. She used to run from confrontation but the need to uncover secrets will harden her resolve to make new choices.

In the end, someone else will suffer the consequences. Who will be burned by her very existence? And what will become of everything she holds dear?

Mercy’s life wasn’t easy before and things aren’t getting easier now.
This is a young adult paranormal romance novel.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Beg for Mercy, so I couldn't wait to read this one. Not typically a fan of love triangles, the first book caught me by surprise at how torn I was not just between 2 guys, but 4 of them!! Right?!! Well, it got even harder in this one and I felt like a yo-yo. I thought I had decided, but then BAM!! Something happens and I am so confused again. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is for Mercy herself when her succubus is determined to come out and take over control. Talk about some awkward moments when that happens. Okay so moving on from all the craziness of the boy situation, there is a lot that happens in this book. We find out a lot of things and also get thrown some more questions. It had me hooked and I read this rather quickly!!

Mercy has already been through a lot and she is about to go through a whole lot more. I don't know how she manages to keep any sort of normalcy to her life, but somehow she does... for the most part. She seems to be getting better at controlling her succubus, but sometimes it bests her. She is also all sorts of confused about the boy situation. She really loves Luke, (and so do I!!)  but there's also feelings there for Paul, Sebastian, and Flynn. Yeah, I know, that's a lot to take in. I don't really think that she had a while lot of character growth in this book, but I do really like Mercy. I also really feel bad for her.  I just wish she would smarten up a bit and stop trying to keep things hidden to spare peoples feelings. If she would just tell people the truth right away it would save a whole lot of drama.

Okay, so this is where I will get into the romance thing. I think that she and Luke should be together, but there are also reasons why it's a bad idea. I can't go into it much because I don't want to spoil anything from the first book. Then there is Flynn, who should be a good match for her and everyone else seems to think so too. I like him, I really do, but I don't think they should be together. Now there's Sebastian. I don't even know what to say about him. I keep thinking he's bad news, then getting proven wrong only to go back to not knowing again. I am still really confused about him even when his intentions are good. The only one I don't want her with is Paul. I think he is an amazing best friend, and he should stay just that.

Have I confused you enough? It's not really that confusing if you've read the book, but this is a hard review to write. So secrets are starting to be uncovered, and that just makes things a bit harder. Mercy is angry that her mother won't tell her everything about what is going on with her. She feels so helpless against her inner demon, and it seems that her succubus is getting harder to contain. It has a natural urge to come out around certain individuals, which just makes her confusing love life much more complicated. Besides having 4 boys lusting after her, her best friends have their own situations going on that Mercy needs to help with. Then with all the boys acting dumb and going off to need saving, this makes for one heck of a ride!!

I thought this was a great follow up to Beg for Mercy and I like where the story went. I am happy with the new information that was given and curious about the lingering questions we are left with at the end. The whole love circle thingy continues, and even not being a fan of love triangles, I am really enjoying this one. Yes, it's frustrating at times, but I totally get it!! I really hope that in the next book Mercy gets the answers she is looking for and can keep her succubus in check!! The way this book ended has me bouncing in my seat wanting the next one. I need to know what happens next!!


  1. 4 guys to choose from!!!! A love pentagon!!!! LOL I bought the first book when it came out as I love a succubus story but haven't read it yet!

    1. It's interesting for sure. She isn't in control of her inner succubus so she is fighting a battle with herself.

  2. I've never heard of this series. It does seem very interesting, but the MC has 4 guys to choose from! :O
    I just don't think I can tolerate that. I can't even handle 2 guys! Plot-wise though this does seem very entertaining. I'm glad to hear that this is a good sequel!
    Great review, Amy! :)

    1. Haha!! I'm usually not a fan of any type of love triange, circle, square, whatever... but this is really interesting. There is a reason for it. And she really does love Luke, but her succubus keeps confusing her and making her do some things that put her in some awkward situations.

  3. This sounds like an interesting series. Nice review!

  4. I've never heard of this series before, it seems cool. I'm not quite sure what's going on w/the characters, but if you can enjoy a book w/such a complicated love scenarios, I'm sure I could too! I'll have up take a look at book one.
    Great review!

  5. Wow, how many guys is this girl picking from? Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  6. This does sound like a good series. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

  7. I hadn't heard of the series, and I'm a bit tired of love triangles...but four different guys makes it sound interesting haha. Thanks for the review, I'll have to check it out!


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