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Book Blitz: Release by Nicole Hadaway Excerpt, Book Trailer and Giveaway

I have a book blitz for you today with a fabulous giveaway!! This is for Release by Nicole Hadaway. It is an adult paranormal fantasy novel.

Release by Nicole Hadaway: 
January 4th, 2013 
Visionary Press Cooperative--
“The ends justify the means”...

For vampire Miranda Dandridge, using her supernatural abilities to rescue children from impossible circumstances is her means to be a part of the human world that she loves so much, despite the atrocities of WWII.

For doctor Ben Gongliewski, saving his fellow Jews from the horrific death camps is an end for which he risks his own life every day, hiding his Jewish heritage while feigning loyalty the SS.

Neither Miranda nor Ben expects to find love in World War II Europe, but that is exactly what happens as they work for the Resistance. When the war draws to a close, it seems like the vampire and the doctor are free to start a future together. But just how far the Nazis will go to further their own evil ends?

Desperate times make for ruthless men as loves and lives are threatened, but, Miranda and Ben know that their world cannot go to hell, not by any means…

I still can't get over this cover. It's so pretty!! I also have and excerpt from the book and the book trailer for you. After the trailer you will find the rafflecopter to enter the giveaway for one ebook copy of this book.

You can purchase the book on Amazon

Excerpt #3

There was no way Neil was going to get messed with tonight.  He hadn’t made it through this war, with its air raids, rations, and the threat of Nazi invasions only to meet his end by some crazy on a back street of London.  No sir, not tonight.  Especially not on New Year’s Eve.

Neil made two moves at the same time.  He turned to run – he was a pretty fast runner, and had kept in shape.  He also pulled out his pocketknife, and opened up the blade.  He didn’t want to get into a fight; it had been ages since he’d been in one, and with his right hand, he was well aware of his handicap.  But just in case…

Neil’s foot had barely touched the pavement when he was stopped dead in his tracks again, as there was now another man, who must have been standing behind him this whole time.  A blonde man this time, with pale skin, yet very dark, almost black eyes.  A Nazi – oh my God, they’ve made it here! He thought in a panic.  Before he could think of his next move, the man opened his mouth and, speaking English without any accent asked, “Hey Cray – how much longer?  Daylight’s not too far away,” he called out.

“Awww, Denny, relax! They’re on double daylight savings time here,” an amused voice called out from behind Neil.

Neil heard a whoosh of air and before he could turn around, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He followed the hand on his shoulder, and found himself staring into pale blue eyes.  Eyes that seemed to bore into Neil, forcing him to drop the knife, which he’d been holding out poised to strike.  The man reached over with his other hand and took the knife, tossing it to the side, saying, “You won’t be needing this, friend.  We’ve our own ways of getting your flesh and blood.” 

Neil knew he should have been afraid – he was afraid – but he couldn’t move; for some reason, he was rooted to his spot.  One side of his brain screamed fight, fight, fight! But another part of him just wouldn’t allow it.  Maybe it was because he knew the man was strong and he could feel that his shoulder might break from the crazy man’s grip.

It did break.  Neil heard a loud snap! and felt the pain shoot forth from his shoulder down his arm and across his chest.  Through the pain, he thought he heard someone say, “Sorry chum, but I like it when the marrow gets into the blood, with the adrenaline.  Makes it tastier.”

Neil tried to scream, but something was at his throat, almost strangling him.  He felt the fire of his shoulder meld with the burning at his throat.  All he could do was look up, into the street lamp, and into the white light that quickly engulfed his entire body.

What do you think of the excerpt and book trailer? I know I am excited to read this book!!  

Nicole Hadaway:As a lawyer, Nicole Hadaway knows all about bloodsuckers and deals with the devil.  She currently lives in Texas where she pens such tales involving the supernatural, featuring her heroine, the vampire Miranda Dandridge.

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  1. I swear, every time I see this cover, I have to stop and stare. So gorgeous. And the trailer is awesome too. Thanks for sharing, hon!

  2. That cover is striking. I don't usually watch too many trailers, but this one was good. Thanks for sharing. Good excerpt too.

  3. The whole vampires in WWII idea is an interesting one. Not the hugest vamp fan but I love historical romance. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Really the cover doesn't do anything for me. It's striking but it doesn't call to me.


  6. I Love the cover..It seems like it will be an interesting read.

  7. Love the cover too! Such a gorgeous vamp! LOL Always loving the vamps!


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