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Book Blitz: The Crescent Chronicles by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Hello all my lovelies!! Today I am taking part in the Crescent Chronicles Book Blitz!! I have an excerpt and  I have a giveaway for an ebook of book #1 in the series, Flight also! I will give you the book info first, but if you just want to read the excerpt and enter the giveaway, just scroll down.

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Sometimes you just have to take flight.

A summer in New Orleans is exactly what Allie needs before starting college. Accepting her dad’s invitation to work at his hotel offers an escape from her ex-boyfriend and the chance to spend the summer with her best friend. Meeting a guy is the last thing on her mind—until she sees Levi.

Unable to resist the infuriating yet alluring Levi, Allie finds herself at the center of a supernatural society and forced to decide between following the path she has always trusted or saving a city that might just save her.

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Freshman year of college is hard even when you're not tied to the future king of a supernatural society.

Allie dives into college head first with Hailey as her roommate and the city of New Orleans as her backyard. As things within The Society heat up, Allie realizes that whether she’s with Levi or not, she's in far too deep to turn back.


Flight Excerpt

I glanced up. Intense gray-blue eyes stared back at me, as I recognized the guy from the hotel. Surprised to see him again, I merely nodded before bringing the shot to my lips.
 “What was that?”  I spat out while the liquor continued to burn my throat.
“A jaeger shot.” He laughed lightly. “Feeling better?” 
“Yeah. I can’t believe I did that.” I peered over my shoulder at the stage where another group was starting their rendition of Time of my Life.
“It really wasn’t so bad. It was more entertaining than if Cyndi Lauper performed it herself.” Raking his eyes from my toes back up to my face, he spent an annoying amount of time studying my legs. Long legs were nice, but not when they attracted the wrong type of attention. Normally I would call a guy on mentally undressing me, but I was too busy taking my own inventory. Finished, I glanced around for Jess but couldn’t see her in the crowd.
“So, thanks for the shot, but I need to find my friend.” 
“Hey, you can’t run off on me again.” He didn’t say it like a question, more like a demand and it annoyed me. “Besides, your friend appears to be unavailable.” 
I followed his gaze and noticed Jess flirting with Dave again. “Run off on you again? That implies we have run into each other before.” I tried for coy; I wasn’t going to let this guy unnerve me. Sure, he had the most amazing set of eyes I had ever seen, but I wasn’t interested.
“I saw you at the Crescent City Hotel this afternoon, but you took off before I could say hello.” He leaned in closer to me, trying to be heard over the loud music.
“Oh, I didn’t notice you.” 
He smiled, ignoring my comment. “You here for vacation?”
“I’m here for work actually, at the hotel.”
“Are you around for the whole summer then?” 
I allowed myself to really look at him. My earlier estimate of his height was dead on; he was much taller than my 5 feet 9 inches.
I finally answered. “Yeah, I’m here until I start school in the fall.” 
“All right, so where are you going to school?”
“Princeton.” I braced myself for his response.
“Nice,” he said in a way that suggested he wasn’t impressed.
“You in school?” 
“Yeah, I’m going to be a senior at Tulane.”
“Oh, so you live here?” 
“Born and raised,” he said proudly.
“I didn’t think locals hung out at places like this.” 
“We don’t usually, but they’re great spots to meet girls from out of town.”
I shook my head. “Ah, so you’re one of them.” 
“One of who?”
“The type to prey on innocent tourists.”
“Innocent tourists? You make me sound like the big bad wolf.”
“And you’re not?” I questioned.
“Only if you’re Red Riding Hood,” he said flirtatiously.
“Wow, that’s original.” I caught myself staring at his eyes again and decided it was time to end the conversation. “Well, nice talking to you.”
“Hey, I didn’t even get your name yet.”
“Is that short for Allison?” 
“Yes, but no one calls me Allison.” I cursed myself. Why couldn’t I just walk away from this guy? I briefly regretted my decision to swear off men because if I hadn’t this one would be exactly my type: tall, strong, and confident. He was exactly the kind to avoid.

What do you think? I know I am intrigued. I think I need to read these books. :)

Now onto the giveaway.

1 ebook copy of Flight (Crescent Chronicles #1)
Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new one will be chosen
You will receive the ebook the week of Feb. 24th after the blitz is over

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  1. I love this series! I am so excited for the third book! Levi is so hot! And it is such a unique take on the paranormal.

  2. Great excerpt! I'm really excited about starting the series!!

  3. I love this series!!!! Levi is so hot.

  4. I admit, I have a weakness for New Orleans, so this one sounds pretty intriguing. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  5. I read this series and so far I really like it. I need to see how it all ends!

  6. Already have this one and can't wait to dive in!!! Love this excerpt!

  7. Alyssa has so many different books and I have only read a few of them AHH! I definitely like her fantasy/paranormal/supernatural stuff better though so I'll definitely have to check this one out! That excerpt is awesome too :)


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