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Book Girls Don't Cry...They Vent! (2) Talking Book Hype!

Welcome to Book Girls Don't Cry... They Vent! This is a weekly meme that I am doing with Jenni @ Alluring Reads and Giselle @ Xpresso Reads. Each week we will have a different topic that we discuss or rant about in either a vlog or regular blog post. If you want to suggest a topic or see past posts, there is a form in the Book Girls Don't Cry... They Vent! page which you can find in the tabs above!

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This weeks posts from the other BGDC girls:
Book Hype! Our Thoughts
So I totally just babble on and on and get distracted in this. What do you think about book hype. Do you fall victim to it? What books have lived up to the hype (or not) for you? Let me know! 
As promised, though I said I would probably forget, my list of books that lived up to hype and ones that didn't for me. 
Yes! You are awesome and I love you!!!
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer - I waited forever to read this because of all the hype. I am so glad that I finally gave in because it was so worth it!
  • The Diviners by Libba Bray - Now that is one gigantic book that was super hyped up and I was intimidated by it, but man was it awesome!!
  • Losing It by Cora Carmack - This book totally rocked my world!! 
  • The Edge of Never by J.A Redmerski - All the feels guys!! 
  • Flawed by Kate Avelyn - I felt like I had been waiting forever for it (The pub date got changed) and when I finally did get to read it it was so amazingly dark and beautiful!!
 I want to rip you to shreds and throw you out the window!!
  •  Mind Games by Kiersten White - Dude! Cover, you are so pretty! You sounded so awesome!! Why did you have to let me down? 
  • Level 2 by Lenore Applehans - If you have watched the vlog above, you see that this book makes me get all stabby feeling!! 
  • Undeadly by Michele Vail - Oh was this awful to me!! I hated the writing style, I hated the MC, just... no, didn't work for me. 
So yeah, that's what I have for you this week. Don't forget to check out Giselle and Jenni's posts if you haven't already!! 


  1. The Lux series is definitely one of the best discoveries of 2012 for me. I'm so happy I discovered it at the beginning of last year. Losing It is so freaking awesome, I agree! Love that book:) I'm not sure if Cinder is working for me. I'm reading it right now and I can't get myself to pick it up every night. Hmhhh.. Maybe it's not for me. We'll see though. I, too, think that this series is hyped so much. The books that didn't work out for me were Delirium by Lauren Oliver and the Matched trilogy. Too unfortunate, but I'm excited for the Delirium TV show. The one that really worked for me was The Sea of Tranquility - I was afraid that after reading so many good contemporaries, it'll just be that - good. But what I got was pure perfection! I can't thank hype enough for this. Happy weekend, Amy!!

    Siiri @ Little Pieces of Imagination

    1. I love how different peoples answers are. Like, I loved Delirium, but I know a lot of people who didn't. Oh, the Matched trilogy!! Yes!! I totally agree. Crossed was soooo boring!! I have no desire to read the last book in the series.

  2. Love this vlog! I agree that high expectations are a reader's biggest enemy. Low expectations, on the other hand, are our best friends. I'm sort of afraid to read Cinder, too! I really do think I'll love it, but along with the really positive reviews there have been some pretty negative ones that pinpoint things I normally dislike in novels. (Apparently it's very, very predictable, which I should be able to overlook if I find the overall novel enjoyable. We'll see. I should be starting it eventually now that Scarlet is released.) Also, YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES TO MIND GAMES. Before I read Mind Games, there weren't really any reviews for it at all, but DAMN that book had a lot of hype. Mostly for it's cover. LOL. But of course, right after I finished Mind Games, all the negative reviews started pouring in. It's like, really? You couldn't have said that BEFORE I read my review! I would have gone in with completely different expectations! That's my fault, of course, that I read it before them, but still. Grr. And ever since you read Level 2 I've been really scared of reading it. It sounds original and fun but I reeeeeally don't do religious novels, and your status updates definitely scared me a bit. And what makes it worse is the author is so awesome and she follows me on Twitter and I don't want anything to be awkward and aahhh. But yeah, this comment is getting really long, so that moral of the story is: hype sucks. For readers, that is. For authors it's probably like being stuck in heaven with Ryan Gosling and ice cream with no calories.

    Now I want ice cream.

    Now I'M getting off topic. *sigh* Great vlog, Amy!

    1. Haha!! Yes! Heaven with Ryan Gosling and ice cream (non-dairy for me though) I really try not to give into the hype either, but it doesn't work sometimes. Ugh!! Mind Games... I read it before the negative reviews started pouring out too. Love your super long comment. It made me laugh!!

  3. I get really nervous reading heavily hyped books.
    And a related pet peeve is the "this book is just like" hype. I think it's risky to say a book will appeal to fans of a hugely popular series like Twilight, Harry Potter, Hunger Game, Game of Thrones, etc. If the book is too similar, people complain. If it's not similar enough, people complain.

    1. I hate book comparisons!! Like Nobody but us compared to Bonnie and Clyde. No, not at all!! Ugh!! And why is it that everything gets compared to Twilight or The Hunger Games!!

  4. Cinder and the Diviners lived up to it for me too! And I'm hoping Flawed does too it sounds SO good. JLA's books got a few comments on my post about them. Some said they didn't get the hype, others said it was awesome lol. (I love this feature)

    Level 2! bahah. I'm so not reading that! Plus you're like my book soulmate so if you wanna stab your eyes out I'll definitely puke on it.
    Mind Games I put off based on the bad reviews it's gotten lately.

    Someone commented about the Edge of Never hype saying they didn'T get it lol. It's so funny how different we all react to hype.

    Bahaha love my being in your vlog in Twitter spirit!!

    Omg Undeadly WAS awful wasn't it? I hadn't seen many reviews before I read that one though but it was so bad!!

    Oh and I love your tuque!!

    1. I think this is so fun!! I love being able to interact and hear peoples opinions on what they think. Yes! I totally give you a shout out!!

  5. I'm glad you liked/ loved some of the overly hyper books!
    If my trusted friends like a book that's way hyped I usually end up liking it. It seems like I can usually tell if a book wont be my thing no matter how hyped it is. I do like going into books with zero expectations sometimes though.

  6. I try really hard not to get swept up in hype, but it is totally disappointing when a book lets you down! I agree with you on Cinder and Diviners, both were great. I liked Level 2, but I wish I'd liked it more, too. :/ I am really nervous about Mind Games--my coblogger enjoyed it, but she's in the minority on that.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  7. OK. I know you LOVE all of Armentrout's books but I personally think that they are a little overhyped. I actually read her books after the hype, so it's probably why I enjoyed it less than everyone else. I don't hate her books though because they are pretty entertaining and she knows how to write great banter! However, now I'm starting to like her books a lot more because I see a change in her writing style and I'm loving the direction its heading.
    As for Level 2, I'm probably not going to even look at that book. I've never heard you hate a book, so it must be really bad.
    I'm loving you girls' vlogs! So freaking awesome. Well, I didn't expect anything less from you fabulous bloggers!

  8. I wasn't able to watch the vlog. :-(

    I completely agree w/The Edge of Never. Another hyped book that was great is The Sea of Tranquility.

    Hyped books I hated: Incarnate, Die for Me, Angelfire
    Just, ugh.

    Love your post!

  9. You're so cute. Agree with Losing It and The Edge of Never. Loved those.

  10. Another great discussion topic! Hype is really is like flipping a coin isn't it? Sometimes you discover books you never would have otherwise but other times it's SUCH a letdown when you are UNDERWHELMED by a book EVERYONE raved about! Ugh!! I definitely get the hype with JLA's books & Daughter of Smoke & Bone...but I've been burned too. That's why I don't even read reviews of books I plan on reading...until I've actually read them. I'd rather go in fresh :) Thanks for sharing Amy ♥

  11. Think it depends on the book. If it's an author I love than I'm all about it. Does it effect me? No, I don't think so. It may push me to read a book but really I have my own taste. If I don't like it, I nicely say so.

  12. OMG I wish I had done my post after reading Mind Games because that one was just TERRIBLE and I can't even handle it UGH! Cinder is one that I should have added to mine but I didn't even think of it. FLAWED! Yes that deserves every bit of hype it has gotten!


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