Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cover Reveal: Stolen by Keren Kiesslinger

Hello everyone and Happy Valentine's Day. Today I have to honor of participating in a cover reveal for my friend Keren @ Gothic Angel Book Reviews. I first met her when I came across her blog about a year a little over a year ago and now she is in the process of writing a book. All the info is below! 

Cover Artwork by Sam Morris
Author: Keren Kiesslinger
Publication Date: TBC
Category: YA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Sixteen year old Roshanna O’Dare - or Shanna to her friends – has lived in the backwater town of Cypress Hill all her life. She goes to school and gets good grades, has lots of friends, things couldn’t be better for her.
But that all changes when she finds her parents have been murdered. They’ve been shot dead in the family home.
Shanna has to pack her belongings to go and live with her Uncle Joe in Round Rock, Texas. She hasn’t seen him for 6 years and doesn’t really remember him that well. He’s her mother’s brother, and her only surviving relative, so Shanna has no choice in the matter – she has to leave her school and friends behind and start afresh.
Before she leaves, Shanna’s best friend Marissa has a mind-blowing secret. Shanna’s parents’ souls have been stolen. Why? Well that’s what they need to discover, but how when they will live so far apart?
Uncle Joe comes to collect Shanna and brings along his chauffeur, Bodhi Vincent. Immediately Shanna feels a connection to this handsome boy. With his chestnut coloured wavy hair and his iridescent blue-green gaze, he’s everything Shanna could want; if she was looking for a boyfriend that is. But under the circumstances, it’s an opportunity to make friends with someone who lives in Round Rock; she’ll need all the friends she can get.
Just as life is settling down a little, Shanna’s world is rocked by a telephone call from a threatening stranger.
She needs to confide in someone. Could that someone be the boy whose touch feels like gravity?
Will Shanna find out who stole her parents’ souls and will she fall in love along the way?

Author Bio:

Keren is 29 and lives with her son who keeps reminding her she’s about to turn 30. For a while now, her favourite hobby has been reading and she even has her own review blog – which can be found at
Having read so many YA books, she wondered if it was about time she got her butt into gear and start writing her own novel. She’d had the idea for a while, but hadn’t got the courage to write as it meant doing something outside of her normal comfort zone – telling people she was writing a book.
She finally bit the bullet and started writing in October 2012. She even created her own author blog, though it took her a while to pluck up the courage – her author blog can be found at
Her first novel is a YA Paranormal Romance called Stolen. She plans on writing a sequel, which will be called Freed.
If she can pluck up enough courage, she will be writing an Adult Contemporary Romance that she doesn’t yet have a title for. All she knows is that it’s based on a favourite song of hers, by one of her favourite bands – ‘If I Knew Then’ by Lady Antebellum.


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