Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pitch Dark Days Event Recap

I know this is super late, but I had all sorts of stuff already scheduled so I couldn't fit it in until now. Anyways, this was the most awesome event I have been to. Not only were the authors fabulous, but Alison from HarperCollins was there too!! And a Snarkles clone!

So Lauren  from Slaying Books was my awesome travel companion to go to this event and we had the most epic playlist of songs to sing and dance to for the almost 2 hour drive there. (And another almost 2 hour drive back) ALl was pretty smooth until we reached Cambridge. Did you know that there is no parking and it's all one way roads and there are these really sketchy parking lots that charge you $20. No? Well, we figured that out after I got super road rage and drove around in zigzags through town for like 45 minutes. Besides that little hiccup, things were awesome though!! 

When we got there luckily it hadn't filled up yet, so we were in the second row. We also met Kait and Beth from YA Vixens and they are pretty awesome!! Kait and I bonded over our Harry Potter tattoos and Beth and Lauren had some odd bonding experience in the bathroom. Lol!! It was something with the air dyer and scaring Beth I think.I will just get on with this post and show you the pictures! 

 The authors arrive!!! OMG totally fan girling at this point!! 

 Alison introduces them. Guys, she is like the nicest person I have ever met!!

 Cynthia Hand and Brodi Ashton! (you can see Kait and Beth in front of me)

 Veronica Rossi and Tehereh Mafi! (and of course Alison. And she's wearing the coolest pants ever!!)

 Brodi is telling Cynthia's writing story as Cynthia acts it out. I actually video taped a little of it and it was hilarious!

Cynthia telling Brodi's story while Brodi acts it out!! She is so funny!!

 Yes, I brought Liam!! Totally love this pic!! 

 Kait, Me and Beth with Liam of course!! 

 Me and Alison! I totally forgot I was even holding Liam because I was excited to finally meet her!

Me and Lauren with Liam, and Beth in the background

 Cynthia Hand, me, and Brodi Ashton!

Tahereh Mafi took a liking to Liam!

 Veronica Rossi, me, and Tahereh Mafi!

 Veronica, Tahereh, me, Cynthia, and Brodi. Of course I am the only one not looking at the right camera lol!!

And a candid shot when things were winding down!

They were all so fun and nice and it was fabulous to meet them in person. Tahereh and Brodi even remembered me from twitter! (I wanted to get all spazzy at that) This even will be hard to top. It was so fun and I got to meet new people! And Lauren still loves me even after me being a bit crazy in the car haha!!


  1. Ahh jealous! Looks like an awesome event with some of my favorite authors!!!!

    1. It was so fun!! I am glad that it was close enough to go to! In my opinion it was the best leg of the Pitch Dark Days Tour.

  2. So lucky! Tahareh looks like such a cool and fun author! I can't wait to meet you and maybe some of the author bloggers on here in August! :D Bring Liam there too, btw! He'll be the mascot!

  3. Oh it looks so fun! We have a Dark Days event in March and I'm super excited! You got lots of great pics!

  4. Wow, what an awesome event. I am majorly jealous that such cool events happen only 2 hours away from you! All the authors looks super nice.

  5. So happy you had such an amazing time . Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  6. Wow, aside from the parking issues, is sounds like you had an awesome time! Love all the pictures (and just finished reading Unravel Me last night, so I know I would have gone all fangirl if I were there)!!!!

    Thanks for sharing!


  7. Agh, you're so lucky! That looks like it was a ton of fun! I would totally fangirl if I ever got to meet any of them. I love the llama and the pictures and all of it. Glad you had fun :)

  8. Great recap! We did have a lot of fun... Even though there was was some crazy/sketchness in the mix! It's weird seeing that picture of me and you, with my long hair because I just chopped it all off. Haha!

  9. OMG I'm SOOOOO glad you had tons of fun! I'm super jelly and seriously, Alison and all the authors sound like the funnest best people ever! *fangirls out*


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