Saturday, April 20, 2013

Book Girls Don't Cry - Thoughts on Novellas

Hi everyone!! Welcome to this weeks Book Girls! The topic of choice is novellas and our thoughts on them. I have read quite a few and I can say that I see them both as good and bad. I love when they add to a story, but I don't like it when they seem necessary in a series and you are lost without reading it. Also, I don't like stand alone novellas much. And a novella should be a decent length, I know it's a novella, but dude, 40-50 pages probably isn't gonna cut it. Anyways, I babble on about it in my vlog and mention some good ones and ones that I didn't care for much. 

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So what are your thoughts on novellas? Love them, hate them, or don't really have an opinion either way? Let me know.


  1. I usually only review novellas if they're part of a series that I love. Although, sometimes I like to read quick steamy novellas. ;)

  2. Novellas are hard. If they aren't part of a series, then they rarely work for me. So I guess I agree with you.

  3. I really don't like when a novella is absolutely necessary to a series storyline. I have enough trouble keeping up as is. I do like it when they are an "extra". I do like series that are made up of novellas, though, like the One Night w/Sole Regret.

  4. LOL on your comment about the thumbnail...

    I definitely have mixed feelings about novellas.. I think some are really well done and really do provide some additional view points on a story.. some other ones though feel like it's a bit of a cash cow, where they just want to ride the wave of the hype on the book to get more sales and it's really not worth it.

    Great topic!

  5. I like reading novellas if there are part of a series that I like. Or if it adds to a novel that I read.

  6. I like reading novellas too, especially when it's a series I just can not get enough of! BUT I agree that they shouldn't be 'required' reading...especially if they only come out in ebook format cause not everyone has an ereader...And yeah if they're only like 40 pages THAT is a major let down (unless they're free LOL) I am thrilled to hear that JLA's Elixir is SO worth it though :D Thanks for sharing your input Amy!

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