Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Spotlight: Summer's Desire by Olivia Lynde & Giveaway

Hello lovelies!! Today I am spotlighting the book Summer's Desire by Olivia Lynde. I have the book info, and excerpt, and the author is also giving away an ebook copy of the book!!


A girl who has lost her voice, and a boy who carries a world of anger bottled up inside.
A girl haunted by soul-crushing guilt and regret, and a boy who knows he can't afford the weakness of feeling—not if he is to survive.

Summer and Seth meet by chance and become unlikely friends. In each other, they find a safe haven... and respite from the darkness haunting them both.
Until they are betrayed.

Can they ever regain their friendship? And if they do, can they trust each other enough to take the biggest risk of all: falling in love?

This book is mature YA/New Adult

Here's a little teaser quote from the book

"I may have survived, but I am broken," I remind him sadly.

"No, Sunny, you're just a bit battered. We both are. Or if we're broken, that's only when we're alone. But now we're together, baby. And together, we're both whole."

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We're sitting at the small kitchen table, eating breakfast. Or at least Seth's eating, while I'm playing with my food and trying, very unsuccessfully, to ignore his naked chest. I'm positive my cheeks must be tomato red; they certainly feel as if they're on fire.

"You're not hungry?" His voice is warm, amused.

"Oh, of course I'm hungry."

"Then why aren't you eating? You don't like the bacon?" he asks innocently.

"The bacon is fine." I force myself to take a bite and nearly choke on it.

"But why aren't you looking at me?"

Startled, I meet his gaze directly. His eyes sparkle with glee.

"Because you're naked!" I wail, at the end of my rope.

He raises an eyebrow. "I'm not naked."

"Well, you're half-naked," I amend, frustrated at his quibbling.

"And that is a problem, why?" God, he's really enjoying himself, isn't he?

Fortunately, the ancient coffeemaker pings, so I quickly jump to my feet and skip to it. "The coffee is done." How did he take his coffee yesterday morning? "One sugar, no milk for you, right?"

"Yes." Then, having obviously not finished playing with me yet: "You don't like my body?"

I stop pouring his coffee and, back turned to him, I close my eyes and lower my head in defeat. The problem is I like it too darn much.

About the author

Olivia Lynde has been in love with books for as long as she can remember. She is a computer scientist by profession and, in between developing computer software and reading too many novels, she is now pursuing her dream of writing her own stories.


1 ebook copy of Summer's Desire

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  1. The books sounds good. I love that cover!

  2. Sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, that's such a pretty cover! And I'm all for boys who encourage girls to eat bacon, hee hee.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. I love the cover of this book, it's wonderful! Can't wait to read it


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