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Book Girls Don't Cry: Trends and Genres

Hello my lovelies!! Welcome to another Book Girls post! Did you all miss me last week? I missed all of you. I am now back from my sort of hiatus and ready to talk about this weeks topic, trends in books or genres. I was going to do a vlog, but the hubs came home and I can't do vlogs around him. It's just weird.

Other Book Girls Post This Week
Okay, so it seems that I am in total agreement with the other Book Girls about dystopians. It just seems like they aren't doing it for me. I really want to love them, but it's just not happening. I'm sick of  not knowing why things are the way they are now, horrible characters, and not great world building. Especially with a dystopian novel. You need to make me be able to imagine how desolate and horrible things are now. 
Another thing that I am so over, at least for now. The super douche bag guy who is drop dead gorgeous! It happens mostly in paranormal books, but we still get it in other genres too. That is a trend that I could definitely do without. I mean seriously, why does the super bad boy always have to be absolutely stunning to look at? 
Oh, and speaking of the hot guy, what's with the popular hot guy always falling for the new girl, or the new guy is hot and falls for the awkward, not so popular girl at school. It's like it was meant to be!! They are soulmates and intended to be together since the beginning of time. *rolls eyes* 

Also, the whole stereotyping thing. It really bothers me. I don't know if it's because I was a cheerleader, and also was in with the "popular groups" when I was in school, but I am so sick of the stereotypical mean cheerleaders who are blonde, and tall and gorgeous. I get it, some popular girls are mean, but so are some of the non popular ones. In fact, in my school, all of the popular girls were really nice and it was the ones who weren't who were mean and picked on people, and were just mean in general. And yes, I was a cheerleader and had a lot of friends, but I am also short, with dark brown, curly frizzy hair. I am not tall, blonde, and supermodel gorgeous, and I was never mean to anyone. I was actually friends with people from every group of people at my school. Okay, so I think I am getting off topic. Moving on. 

A genre that I have not gotten sick of is contemporary, mostly in the new adult genre. I just find them so great and awesome. Well, actually, adult contemporary romance has been a big hit for me too. I think because I am a very character driven reader, and contemporary is very character based and doesn't rely so much on the world around them. It is real and believable situations. 

I don't know if I really said everything I wanted to in this post. I think I do much better when I babble to the camera, but like I said, hubs was home and it's always weird vlogging with him here. What are your thoughts on genres and trends? Let me know in the comments. As always, we are more than happy to get suggestions on topics that you want to hear us discuss. You can find the form in any of our Book Girls tabs on our blogs.


  1. I hate stereotypes too. Idk why the cheerleaders are always so terrible! And I've read a lot of books where the guy is sooo hot and falls for the unattractive or average girl. Seriously what is up with that?

  2. I agree 100% with everything you guys have said this week. I also agree that stereotypes are a complete BS. Moreoften then not you'll get it going with someone inside your circle than with a someone from a circle you dispise. Whatever. If this is a variation of "starcrossed lovers" than it's a BS. I'm also tired of the new girl/nerd girl + hot, mysterious guy. Wth? It's over and done. Of course it's not what makes me put down a book that I otherwise thoroughly like, but still.. Is it necessary for every book to be the same? I also agree w your cheerleader comment. I didn't know you were short btw. You seem really tall. Idk. Maybe it's the way you hold yourself:) I'm kinda getting tired of NA contemps though since they're basically all the same and I read 'em a lot. I'm in need of more fantasy and zombies I think lol.

  3. Yep -- I think if dystopians are going to stay popular, we need some fresh ideas and better world building.
    Also agree about the cheerleader thing. It has become a lazy shortcut for "mean girl character." Maybe it started with Glee?
    Great post :)
    And I'm SO glad you're back!!!!!

    You can find me here: Jen @ YA Romantics

  4. I agree about dystopians and the world-building being lacking, but I will never get sick of them. Nope, nope, nope. And I just can't read NA contemporaries. The blurbs do not interest me. And they are the same story over and over again.

    I also can not film vlogs in front of my husband. I pretty much suck at vlogs, period though. :D

  5. Yep. I'm burnt out on dystopians unless its an author or series I already love. I'm also tired of the stereotypes. I wad friends with all different groups of people in my school. Popular unpopular, geeky... all of them. Every school is not the same.
    I like to switch up my genres for each book so I don't get burnt out but sometimes it happens anyway.
    I'm actually reading a book now with a mean boy whose super hot. I'm not quite sure what to think. I'm not loving that aspect of it.

  6. I think most people agree on dystopians not being so great lately. There has been to much of dystopians so it's obvious that people get bored with them. The lack of world building is what annoys me the most in the new dystopians.
    I also agree with you on stereotypes. Those are the worst! At first the whole hot boy gets interested in unpopular girl was fun but not anymore. It's so overused that you can't help but roll your eyes when that happens.
    Great post, Amy!

  7. I've agreed with all three takes on this topic this week...I kind of feel like the growing popularity of YA is screwing up the genre, because everything gets SO trend driven and sometimes it feels like publishers just don't know when to stop!

  8. BLAH to dystopian!! And hot guy falling for the new girl! YES! That one too is uber Twilight-esque and I get annoyed everytime I read a romance that starts that way. Especially if this girl is "nothing special" or a weirdo if you know what I mean. Lol. Ugh you're making me relive HS, too! We were a very small school (our graduating class only had 99 students) and it was the average to.. not to pretty girls who were the most slap-worthy. It's like they try to be "tough" and bully people to make themselves feel better. Anyways back to books haha. So happy you're on the contemporary train! I'm just starting out on New Adults but so far so good dude you so gotta read Game Set Match! So unlike any other NA and definitely not your "broken past" formula at all.

  9. For a while I was like WOO HOO another dystopian. At one point they were a favorite of mine. But now... I've got mixed feelings. Every once in a while you get a great one like Divergent then there's three others that are not even half as good. It's definitely a pet peeve of mine when a future America or American-like society is full of lies and rebellions but you don't know how it got there. Simple explanations like war and/or famine are getting old.

  10. In total agreement with ya. I want to love them too, really I do but alas I do not. Guess I should give up and read what I like, huh.

  11. I never really liked dystopias so I pretty much ignore them like I usually do. (Except for the rare cases like Shatter Me and Black City).
    I hate stereotypes and agree with all the ones you pointed out. But my #1 most hated one is: naïve, inexperienced, virgin college girl falls for the man-whore bad boy. I am sick to death of this! Sick of it! I made a post about this last month and had to clarify that I have nothing against virgins. It’s the overly naïve ones that I can’t stand. And why must they always fall for the man-whore. WHY!? Someone commented on my post saying because the man-whore want to corrupt them. Probably true :)

  12. Why are people bashing dystopians? I still like them! LOL. I;m glad that NA is really taking hold. I'm just waiting for it to branch out into other genres.Also, Aliens seem to be the new bomb diggity. I see lots of those books coming soon.


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