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Review: Afterlife Academy by Jaimie Admans

  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Publish Date: 3/15/13
  • Format: eBook
  • Source: eBook provided by the author for review
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Even being dead isn’t enough to get you out of maths class.

Dying wasn't on sixteen-year-old Riley Richardson's to-do list. And now, not only is she dead, but she's stuck in a perpetual high school nightmare. Worse still, she's stuck there with the geekiest, most annoying boy in the history of the world, ever.

In a school where the geeks are popular and just about everything is wrong, Riley has become an outcast. She begins a desperate quest to get back home, but her once-perfect life starts to unravel into something not nearly as great as she thought it was. And maybe death isn’t really that bad after all...

Welcome to Afterlife Academy, where horns are the norm, the microwave is more intelligent than the teachers, and the pumpkins have a taste for blood.

My Thoughts

Okay, this just sounded too fun to pass up. When I was approached about reviewing it, I agreed immediately. This was not quite what I expected really. I thought it would be more humorous than it was, and have more to it I guess. The story itself was okay, but I found myself annoyed with the redundancy of things.

So we have Riley as the MC and she was just too annoying to really like or feel bad for. I get that she's dead and the whole afterlife thing is hard to grasp, but she was obsessive over trying to find a way out and get back to her boyfriend Wade. Seriously every other thought in her freaking head was about Wade. I wanted to scream. She was also not a nice person. She was so mean to people before she died. She picked on everyone who was different and she was always the center of attention. When she is the different one in the afterlife she sees how it feels and now Anthony is the popular one. She doesn't think he's such a loser anymore, but she still is all about what her best friend would think, or what Wade would think to know she's talking to him. This girl was all about herself, being popular, and Wade. OMG Wade!! *throws things* Yeah, she comes around finally in the end, but it took a lot... way too much to get her there. I still couldn't like her. I think Riley was supposed to be snarky, but just came off as a snotty, mean girl.

Anthony I did like. He was just really nice in general. He was also really forgiving and patient. The way that Riley treated him was just so mean and wrong, but he still is nice to her. He is pretty much the only person who will talk to her at Afterlife Academy besides the horned lunch lady. He is content there and he is adjusting fine, making friends, and happy in general. I think he kind of let her off the hook a little easy considering the things that we discover she had done to him while living, but that's what made him such a great person. He is too nice for his own good.

So honestly, not much really happened in this book. I think it probably could have been about half as long and got the message across. The majority of it was Riley's inner dialogue about Wade and it was enough to drive even the most patient person insane. I liked a lot of the things about the story, but wanted to just skip over so much of Riley's annoying and immature antics. There were bits of humor, a little romance, but it was just kind of a meh book for me. I really wish I could have liked it more, but I guess it just wasn't the right time, or it wasn't for me. I do think a lot of people will really enjoy this, perhaps more for younger teenage readers.

* A copy of this book was provided by the author for an honest review. I did not receive any compensation.


  1. "The majority of it was Riley's inner dialogue about Wade and it was enough to drive even the most patient person insane." <-- Bahahaha. I'm like the least patient person (just ask Steph), so this is totes not the book for me. lol.

    1. Lol!!! OMG I was like "Enough about Wade already, your freaking dead and he's alive! Get over it!!" I seriously couldn't take it! The book wasn't bad though, but I could have done with about half of her Wade thoughts.

  2. Sometimes people just don't see what's right under their nose. Anyhow, I didn't exactly know about this book before, I am sorry you didn't like it so much as you hoped, but I'm not too sorry since it wasn't on my tbr list anyway. However, I do feel like it's hard to write a snarky character since it can come off as mean and whiny and it's too bad the MC fell to the latter category for you. I don't know.. Ghosts aren't really my thing so I think I'll pass this one and won't add it to my tbr list to explore. Better luck next time, perhaps!

  3. I think I may like this since you said it was aimed for people my age but 'not much happening' is making me hesitate. I get bored easily so I think I'll check more and more reviews so I can be sure. It really sucks when te MC is irritating *sigh*

    Wonderful review, Amy! <33

  4. I've read a few like this recently. I need something reaallly good.

  5. Hmmm.... yeah, pretty sure Riley would end up really annoying me. It sounds like a great concept but I'm not too big on annoying characters so I will skip it for now.

  6. Sounds like this was one of those books that had the problem of having a great concept that then went in the wrong direction completely. Wade sounds like he needed to just get out of the story. Great review!

  7. Honestly, just by the synopsis alone it makes me unsure about the book. Thanks for the review.

  8. Sorry you didn't like this as much as you'd hoped. It's always tough when the mc is hard to like. Your review was so informative. Thanks !

  9. It sounds like, given a better or new MC, Afterlife Academy could have been really good. I remember being excited for this one when you first spotlighted, now, not so much.

  10. That's too bad. I always struggle to even finish a book when I don't like the MC. Sorry it didn't work for you. Gonna pass on it.


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