Saturday, July 27, 2013

Book Girls Don't Cry - Random Things About Me!!

Hello!! So after seeing posts about random facts from authors and stuff, we thought it would be fun for us to do some fun facts! I am kind of weird, so you have been warned. On second thought, I forgot all the odd things that I was going to list. Oh well.

  • I am extremely claustrophobic. Like really, really. I even freak out if I am in the shower for more than 5 minutes. I take baths most of the time to shave and whatever, then shower to wash my hair and body. Okay, perhaps TMI. 
  • I have a huge fear of bridges. Any bridge. It can be over water, land, railroad tracks, anything. Doesn't matter. I don't like them, and I will actually go out of my way to avoid them if I can. 
  • Tunnels terrify me. That probably goes with my claustrophobia. The most terrifying bridge tunnel ever is The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. My parents used to drive that way every time we went down the east coast and I would be in the back seat freaking out and having a full blown anxiety attack.
  • I love to sing. I used to do karaoke every Friday night. 
  • I love country music. I like mostly all music, but country is one of my favorites. Not that pop country shit though. (I do like some of it, but not much.)
  • I used to be a gymnast and can still do some things. 
  • I was a cheerleader, but hated cheering for games. I did it for the competitions. Those are intense and awesome!
  • My hubs asked me to marry him on a whim, and I didn't believe him so I went and bought a cheap ring and told him if he was serious to put it on my finger. He did, and also got me a different ring since he didn't want me wearing a cheap ring I bought myself. 
  • I am really lactose intolerant. Even the pills do nothing for me. I actually think I might be allergic to dairy and not just intolerant. I can't use lactaid milk. I can only use coconut milk, or almond milk.
  • I almost drown when I was a kid when someone threw me into a pool. I still don't really like pools that much, or any deep water for that matter. I get all panicky if I can't see the bottom or touch. 
  • I can say the alphabet backwards as easily as I can say it forward. 
  • I am afraid of the dark. Especially windows at night with no curtains. I will avoid a room if there is an open window. 
  • I also have a fear of basements. Even finished ones. I just don't like them. I don't like being underground. 
  • I am ambidextrous, and while I usually write with my right hand, I do almost everything else left handed. (Golf, drink coffee, use a hair get the point.
I suppose I should stop since these things aren't really that interesting anyways. Hope you all learned something new about me. 
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    And omg yes. The dark. I can't even. If I haven't closed my curtains (that are nto sheer, thank God) then I force my mom to close them while I huddle in the hallway.

    1. OMG I was such a peppy cheerleader. I wanted to do a vlog and show off some of my skills, but it was raining out. Maybe I should do a mid week random vlog lol!! And the dark at night, out the windows. *runs and hides*

  2. I feel like I know you more know! lol I'm also afraid of bridges and don't like tunnels. I remembered that you were a gymnast from your comment on my Delicate review. My daughter is a gymnast. It's so fun to watch her. We drink Almond milk too. Not because of lactose intolerance, but my daughter had eczema really bad as a baby and our dermatologist told us to switch. I can't drink regular milk now. I don't know why I'm surprised that you like country music. lol Loved getting to know you better babe!

  3. I was looking forward to this post! I HATE bridges too. They terrify me. I use to do everything I could to go around them, but the thing is, around here you can't. If I want to go to Portland I HAVE to go over a bridge. And then once I get over there I have to go over like a ton more to get to the side of town I need to get to. It has all those roads piled on top of eachother so it's like constant bridge for a long time. I figured out to just focus on something else but if there's a lot of traffic and we're not moving I often go into panic mode. I try to time my trips over to always avoid traffic. Not always possible...
    I drink almond milk, but it's just a choice I've made. I prefer it but I don't like all the junk they put into milk (or into the cows who produce the milk) so I started not drinking it for that reason.

    Loved getting to know you better!

  4. I think I have just found my mom's long-lost daughter! She's afraid of bridges, is claustrophobic, doesn't like deep water, or tunnels!
    My husband asked me to marry him on a whim, too! We were on vacation with family, playing in the pool. He just turned around and asked. I totally thought he was joking.
    I liked this post, Amy! And I'm surprised by the country music, too.

  5. I'm allergic to dairy. I can only bring soy milk (I think the other ones taste gross) and like you lactaid makes me sick. I use these pills called lactase: Enzyme Active : Nature's Way... anyways I take 3 pills right before I have anything dairy and I don't get sick. (Best price is on Amazon; I used to get them at Whole Foods but its super expensive there).
    -Jess @ Jesus Freak Reader

  6. Ahh I remember you told me about your lactose intolerance, past as a gymnast, and the fact that you cheered! Ugh I hate bridges too, I feel like I'm going to fall down and die or something and it's horrible! I'm totally jealous that you can say the alphabet backward just as easily as you can say it forwards and being ambidextrous sounds so fun, you'd never have an issue with writing with a broken hand!

    It was so awesome to learn more about you, Amy! Fantastic post, LOVE YOUR FACE! <333

  7. You love country music? DUDE ME TOO!! I'm always surprised when I see people from the states (like except those in Nashville lol) say they like it. Everyone who finds out I'm a total country girl grumbles at my music. Poo to them!

    Covered bridges are super creepy! Especially the old school ones that have been built like a million years ago!!

    Omg at the almost drowning!! And so cool at being ambidextrous and saying the alphabet backwards! I cant get past maybe 4-5 letters haha.

    You totally win at the interesting facts coolness this week!! haha

  8. Oh wow! I love the whole proposal thing. I was proposed to on the back of my now hubbies motorcycle.

  9. Fun post! :-D I think it's awesome that you are basically ambidextrous. I do everything with my right hand, except play pool/billiards. It's also amazing that you can say the alphabet as easily backwards as you can say it forward...I can't do that at all. LOL. I'm sorry to hear about you being lactose intolerant...I would DIE! I love milk and cheese and yogurt...and milk.

  10. I hate the dark too! In fact, I sleep with the nightlight on. Yes I own a nightlight. I can not stand the dark. Both my husband and son are too lactose intolerant as well.

  11. OMG I am totally trying to say the alphabet backwards now and it is not easy at all! I totally get the fear of bridges thing. Whenever I am on one and look at all the cars around me I'm like "this is probably a LOT of weight!"

  12. Whoa, I take the longest showers ever. You would not approve. How do you deal with cars? Open the window?

    Are you okay with flying?

    Oh man, we went in this insanely long tunnel coming from Italy to Switzerland. So glad I was not driving. I don't like them either, because you're too close to the walls.

    Country music is the WORST.

    You are afraid of many things, I am learning, but I'm scared of things like climbing ladders, so lol no judgment.

    I wish I were ambidextrous!

    I can say the alphabet backwards, but not quite as easily. Not hard, though.

  13. I hate the bridges over water. I have a fear of being stuck in my car while it fills with water and drowning. I am also claustrophobic and I hate snakes! I can not say the alphabet backwards at all. I'm like z y x .... ummmm.

  14. I'm also seriously claustrophobic and I hate tunnels too - I think they go hand in hand or something but tunnels are underground and that's terrifying o.O You were in Gymnastics?! I ALWAYS wanted to be in gymnastics but there weren't any classes near where I lived :( I still wish I could find an instructor cause I would totally start now LOL I think it's wicked that you can say the alphabet backwards! I get lost around X bahahaha Also, ambidexterity? Cool! I had a teacher in elementary school who could do everything with both hands and it used to amaze us kids >.<


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