Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Spotlight: Almost Taken by Ana W. Fawkes

 Hi guys!! Today I am spotlighting the book Almost Taken by Ana W. Fawkes. She is an erotic romance writer, taking the plunge into adult romance. 

From the bestselling author of By His Command comes a romance series that explores life, love, marriage, and death.

Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby
Jared Crowly was supposed to sell the apartment to the rich, powerful Harry Pitt and his beautiful girlfriend, Becky... not fall in love with Becky.

When Harry shows up to the apartment again, this time with a different woman donning an engagement ring, Jared is thrown into a world of deceit, and Harry threatens to tarnish Jared's successful career. Jared battles his emotions on what to do next, which only gets more complicated when he's invited to be in the wedding party of a close friend whose fiancee has asked Becky to be a bridesmaid.

Secrets will be bared and hearts will be broken, but can a new love overcome it all?

Don't miss the second book in the Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby series, titled Lifetime Proposal!

Jack and Riley really aren't engaged... or so Jack thinks. When Riley's competitive family puts her on the spot about the 'wedding', she begs Jack to help her. But what starts as a pretend fling soon becomes real. When hands touch, eyes meet, and hearts melt, anything can happen... even making fantasy a reality...


Guest Post

I come from the world of erotic romance so when I sat down and started thinking of a romance series, I had to really step out of what I had known for more than a year in the publishing business. I’ve had experience in romance before but not like this. This series is something fun, flirty, sexy, and different. I thought of the title based on the plots of the stories… Two Weddings, One Funeral, & One Baby. It looked fun and it made sense. Plus, readers know what they’re getting.

My longest series to date – By His Command – is finishing up with its tenth book in August. The series has been on the top of Amazon’s erotica charts for months and I wanted something different. Less sex and more story. And that’s where this series comes in. It’s from the heart, true romance, and I’m thrilled to see it live. A story that contains raw emotion, real passion, and some sexy and flirty good times.

Readers need not worry because I’m tackling both the world of romance and erotic romance. I will never leave my steamy roots but it’s fun to write something like this series.

I liked bringing the characters together in unique ways and seeing their relationships grown. In Almost Taken, Jared knows something that Becky doesn’t. To make matters worse, Jared and Becky are walking down the aisle together at a friend’s wedding.

The second book in the series is set for something in September 2013. Until then I really hope everyone enjoys Almost Taken!

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