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Blog Tour: Wings of Nestor by Devri Walls - Interview and Tour Giveaway!

Hey guys!! Welcome to my tour stop on the Wings of Nestor Blog Tour!! I am so excited to have an interview with the lovely Devri Walls on my tour stop!! I will be posting my review for this soon also! For the full tour schedule click on the banner to be taken to the tour site.

  • Publisher: StoneHouse Ink
  • Publication date: 6/24/2013
  • Series: Solus Series , #3 
Purchase: Amazon | B&N

Kiora needs answers. Who is the Shadow? Who is Jasmine? Are they connected? And even more pressing: how can she stop Shadow from using Kiora’s dreams as a map to find them? They have escaped three times, but are living on borrowed time—and everybody knows it.

Her search for help will push her closer to Alcander, send her to the dragon mountain of Toopai, and straight back to Meros—where magic will finally return to the land of no magic. Answers will be uncovered and plans unearthed that have been waiting for thousands of years.

But with the Shadow’s forces gathering, it looks like the land’s path is hurtling towards one outcome: war with the Shadow and death to all rebels. Armed with knowledge and hope, Kiora is determined to change that path. But will fate allow it? Or will it deal her a hard lesson about following ones own destiny?


How did you come up with the idea for the Solus series?

The original book, Wings of Arian was inspired by our societies exposure to things that would have made people horribly uncomfortable 100 years ago. Everything we see coming though our television on a day-to-day basis. I wondered what it would be like to be exposed to all of this at once instead of being slowly desensitized and how traumatizing that would be. From that Meros, and Kiora were born.

This was originally only going to be a trilogy right? What made you decide to expand the series? Not that I'm complaining. I love getting lost in the world you've created!

My dear editor, Miss Ellie Soderstrom, is the one to thank for that. I sent her the draft for book two and she responded with, “It’s great, I love it. But…you sent me two books, it needs to end about 200 pages before you did.” Sooooo, 200 pages moved over to book three. After we did that I just did not have enough time to finish it all up in the third book.

I know that I for one am not happy about the added love interest (but I'm sure that I will be eventually). Was that always planned or did it just kind of happen?

Oh man, I am trying to figure out how much to say without giving spoilers! Ok- no, Alcander was never planned. Originally the story line I had in mind was much different. But, after I had finished book one and was plotting book two I realized that not only did I need another character, since we were leaving so many behind in Meros, but that I had also created a situation between Emane and Kiora that I couldn’t fix without being a cheese-headed author. And nobody likes a cheese-head author, right? The “situation” is discussed throughout the series so I can’t say anymore than that. Lips are sealed!

The world you have created is so intricate and I love the detail while I'm reading. Did you make a map of it or do you just kind of see it in your head?

Thank you! I write the story and create the world as I go, flying be the seat of my pants. I decide which type of landscape I want and then I let my imagination run wild. However, much to my chagrin, it got a little too intricate and I was forced to draw out a map to make sure I didn’t mess up directions for those of you who notice such things. And by ‘map’ I mean a doodling that looked as if my 7 year old had drawn it—my artistic skills leaves much to be desired. I should have published it in the back of the book for sheer entertainment value.

How did you come up with the names of the characters? They are so unique?

Google is my best friend. I looked up unique names, unique baby names, and names by origin. Many of the ones I was drawn to were Celtic, some Greek. It was taking me so long to come up with names every time I created a new character that I finally spent a day just going through names. I then made a list to pull from with each new addition to the team. As far as the names of the places and creatures in the book, I usually just muddle around with sounds until I find something I like.

Do you have any particular writing habits or places you have to write?

It depends what stage I am in but it always involves comfortable furniture and never a table or desk. For the rough draft I like to find a big comfy chair or chaise at a coffee shop and plug in a set of headphones. After that, the edits take place at home on my couches, because I need it quiet and I am usually talking to myself. ;)

After the Solus series is done do you have any ideas of what you will write next? Are you thinking of a different genre or will you stick to fantasy?

I have a whole bunch of ideas, but the first one will be fantasy. It will have a much different vibe than the Solus series—darker, no creatures, lots of magic. After that I have some paranormal ideas that I am dying to get to.

I look forward to your future works!




Do people really just have a favorite food? That flabbergasts me. Um, I like variety. I love Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican and Sushi. Yes, I cheated. I’m a total foodie, it can’t be helped.

I love sushi and Thai. those are probably my favorites!!

Oh! I think I might have this one. My go to is usually Almonds.

Place to read?

Bath- until the water gets cold. Then I move to the bed.

Place you've visited?

Going with California, just because I could sit on the beach (if I could manage to find one that wasn’t packed with people) and watch the ocean for hours. Amazing.


Les Miserables.

Fabulous pick!! I have seen it on Broadway twice and have the DVD!

This might change tomorrow, but for today I am saying Lord of the Rings.

Activity or Hobby?

Singing. I am a trained vocalist and aside from writing it is my favorite thing to do!

That's really awesome!! I like to sing, but I don't think I'm very good at it lol!!

Thanks so much Devri!! It's always a pleasure to feature you and your books!!

 About the author

Devri Walls lives in Kuna Idaho with her husband and two kids. She has worked as a music teacher and currently, a preschool teacher. She majored in theater and her love of a story still drives her today. Thankfully, she has finally found an outlet for all the voices in her head. Her first novel, Wings of Arian, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Apple. The second book in the Solus trilogy, Wings of Tavea is scheduled for release Nov 2012.

Other books in the series so far:

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  1. I didn't know this was initially supposed to be a trilogy. It's good for the fans of the series I guess! :) They get more books set in this world.
    I still need to get to book 3 but I've enjoyed but book 1 and book 2, so I'm excited.
    Thanks for sharing, Amy!

  2. OMG Les Mis is the best! My school performed it for production this year- I actually just came back from watching it- makes me cry every single time!

    Fantastic interivew, you two! <33

  3. Editors will always baffle me with how much they know, because it seems like they're always so smart when it comes to ending a book, that's cool how your editor was the one who influenced the idea to extend the series. The added love interest is an interesting approach to adding another character, I kind of want to start this series to see where it goes, also because it seems that the description is really well done :)

    Fantastic interview!

    1. That's why I pay them the big bucks! Lol!

  4. This is a great interview! And the book sounds fab. I adore colors of blues too. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Aw, I adore Devri and am so happy she's done a great job with this series. Thanks for sharing the fun interview!

  6. Dude I so have to go work in a coffee shop! It makes it sound so important or something! I also never work at a desk or chair I'm on the couch right now. though it's probably not the best idea for my back and stuff but hey it's comfy! :D

    I totes have to watch Les Miserables - is t a show, too? I thought it was just a book and a movie. And sushi - barf!!

    Great interview, ladies!

    1. *gasp* Sushi is not barf! Watch out Giselle, I will stop by your house with a duck.

  7. Great interview. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  8. Devri is so nice. Great interview!

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