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Book Girls Don't Cry - How I Write Reviews

Hi there everyone!! OMG guess what?! Today I am headed out to Boston to meet my fellow Book Girl and #Soulmate Giselle!! I am beyond excited!! Anyways, sorry. Had to just share my excitement. So a few weeks ago we talked about our review reading habits, this week we talk our review writing habits. Mine have changed over and over. I don't really have a set way, but I will go through how I used to, and how I do now. Don't forget to check out the other posts this week from Jenni and Giselle. 

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How I Used To Review

When I first started blogging, I would review the book right after I finished it, or if it was late when I finished, first thing the next morning. I was afraid that if I waited, I wouldn't be able to put into words what I really wanted to say. Then, I decided that sometimes my thoughts would change a bit after a few days and I should take notes so I could think about the book before rating and reviewing. That worked for a while, but then I found myself waiting a few weeks to write the review, or would be annoyed stopping my reading flow to jot down notes. I do think both methods were good, but didn't work for me that well. I kind of did a combination of both depending on what things I had to review and when things had to post. 

How I Review Now

Well, at this current moment, I am a bit behind so I am doing to review the next day thing, but that's not actually how I've been doing it. What I like to do is keep a notebook nearby in case I feel there is something important to write down or a funny thought that I might have. I don't really take notes, but I do like to have something to write on in case I feel the need. I also do like to wait a few days to write me reviews. I feel that if I write them right away, sometimes I don't think about everything that really happened and just the really big stuff is in the front of my mind. The best time for me to review personally is between 2 and 7 days after finishing a book. Any less than that and I may change my thoughts, but any longer and I forget how I felt and could forget minor details. I have a good memory, so I will remember the basic things though. 

I guess my reviewing habits aren't that interesting, but there you have it lol! I am sure if my thoughts weren't totally focused on my trip to Boston I would have been able to think a bit better. What are your reviewing habits? Let me know in the comments. Also, we love topic suggestions!! 


  1. Aw, how awesome that you and Giselle are going to meet up! I hope you ladies have an amazing time. Drink lots of girly drinks. :D And tell us all about it!

    I kind of laughed reading about your reviewing habits, because I'm exactly the same way--I go through phases with how I review, and I've done all those things you mention. I used to review right away, then I sat on stuff and posted later, and I jot notes and such, too. Right now I'm just trying to ease back in and catch up, so...we'll see. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  2. I tend to take notes when I am reading as I have short term memory loss when it comes to this sorta stuff. I have been trying to write more reviews on my computer, instead of on my phone.

    Awesome post, chick! <33 I am thinking about writing my own one with this topic now. Hm...

  3. Heh -- in an idea world, I'd write the review right away and it would be brilliant and insightful.

    In the real world, it happens how it happens. I take notes -- usually. Unless I'm reading on the subway or whatever. Then I try to write the review within a few days, then let it sit, then read it over before it goes up. But right now I have two or three reviews to write of books that I read three weeks ago.

    Have fun with Giselle -- that's so great that you get to meet each other :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics

  4. Yayayay for meeting up with Giselle! I hope you guys have the bestest time every with that! <3

    But I wish I could write my reviews right after I read the book. Le sigh. I find that I have to let my thoughts simmer for a few days as well, but the problem becomes that at that point, I procrastinate on the review so much that I wait weeks (or even months...) to write the review. I keep a list of what I liked/didn't like, though, so that always helps to jog my memory about what happened. But I'm afraid my enthusiasm/passion about a book gets decreased if I wait too long. I'm trying to get into the habit of writing reviews sooner, especially now that school is starting, and that's the perfect time to get some habits going. :D

    Awesome post Amy dear! <3

  5. I have issues with getting things done ASAP, so I write my review pretty quickly. But, I tend to be several weeks ahead, so if I think of something, or my feelings change, I have time to fix that.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amy.

  6. I've never been a notes girl with books. I probably should but I haven't been able to make myself. I have started highlighting (kindle) or flagging with stickies more than I used to. I usually want to write the review pretty quickly after I finish the book. That mostly has to do with how dang busy I am. If I wait, it just doesn't get done.

  7. Have fun meeting your blogging friend!!

    My review writing habits are just as crazy and random as everything else in my life. Sometimes I'll write the review as soon as I close the book. Sometimes I'll be commenting on someone else's review or discussing the book in messages with a friend and it will help me put together what I want to say about the book in a review. Sometimes, when I'm having a hard time deciding what to write, I will get a bath and take a voice recorder and discuss the book with myself while relaxing in the tub. This is super crazy, I know, but for some reason, all of my best ideas come when I am the most relaxed which is in the bathtub.

  8. That's awesome you and Giselle are going to meet up! I hope you tell us about it!

    I have to write my reviews as soon as possible after reading a book because otherwise my feelings fade. I like having my emotion in my review and if I wait, that emotion fades. But like you said, sometimes feelings change, so I do write up my review right away, but usually the review isn't actually going to post for over a week, so a few days before it's scheduled to post I reread it, fix errors and change anything that needs changed. And if my feelings have changed, I throw that in there.

  9. Thank you for sharing this. I really struggle to write my reviews. After all of the bitterness happening in the booksphere, I find it harder and harder to write reviews.

  10. I usually review the old way you reviewed, because I have a suckish memory and I feel so unproductive if I don't review it lol :) But that's so awesome that you have a good memory! I would do it your current way, too, because sometimes you need to let your thoughts simmer and that could change your thoughts of the book. I should really keep a notebook, too, I usually just read through and then try to remember what I was thinking although a notebook would probably be really helpful lol

    And I'm watching your vlog right now and I love how excited you are to meet Giselle! The tweets were so fun :)

    Fantastic post, Amy! <33

  11. A great post! Most of my reading time is at night so once I finish a book I tend to sleep on it & write my review the very next morning otherwise I pick up a new book, become absorbed in that and my thoughts of the other ends up scrambled & that's with notes & bookmarked on my kindle ;)

    Have a great meet-up with Giselle!

  12. Depending on the book, I write my review. Like if it is super good and I must get out all my thoughts about it I write my review right away. Other times, I let it stew.

  13. I usually wait to write my reviews. I need a few days to process. I do make notes and highlight a lot on my kindle though. And like you, I have a really good memory, so it usually works out ok. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Yay, I'm so happy you and Giselle got to meet :D Anyways, sorry I'm so late on commenting, I've been super behind since the nice weather started :( I'm slowly catching up though *crosses fingers*

    So yeah, I love how you told us how you used to review, and what hasn't worked for you personally and what you do now! I still start writing my review either the same day or within the next couple of days BUT I will sit on the review for a bit after, re-read it and add anything I might have forgotten to mention initially so I guess that's kind of like you in that I like to wait and remember things as I go. I have a good memory too so I won't forget the plot but sometimes it can get jumbled up if I'm reading 2 books at the same time - which I usually am!

    I make notes too though...I used to be better at it, but now if the book is meh I hardly write anything. If it's HORRIBLE or AWESOME than it gets more notes LOL

  15. I'm totally the review right after person and I don't think anything else would work for me personally. My memory is the worst. Also, my laziness would take over and I would never write any reviews. lol.

    BUT I do sometimes wish I could do it later so that I could ruminate on the book more. I guess I'll just try to schedule in some padding time before I post the review for those ones where I'm not sure how I feel about my rating/review.


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