Sunday, August 4, 2013

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (65)

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Hello everyone!! Okay, I know I have been a horrible blogger lately. I have been slacking on my posts, and not doing very good at commenting. I am trying to be better about it. Now that the pup is starting to be less needy it should be a bit easier. I didn't get any physical books this week, but I'm still doing a vlog anyways because I think it's easier than putting all the pics. 

 Awww, the thumbnail is the one with my puppy on my lap!! Lou is such a doll!

Books Mentioned


Thank you to Soho Press, Bloomsbury, Amulet, Jason Sandberg, and Jessirae!

Weekly Recap

 Search Terms
  • book - Yes, lots of books!!
  • elusion claudia gable - I am so excited for this one!!
  • origin jennifer l armentrout - AHHHH It's almost here!
  • audiobook summer lightning - I don't think I have heard of this book.
  • audiobooks review blog - I do review audiobooks
  • best new adult books you're not reading - There are a lot of Great New Adult books
  • beyond the veil quinn loftis pdf download - If you want the book, buy it.
  • book blogs first post - I think mine just introduced myself.
  • brooklyn skye stripped virgin - I liked this book.

That's my week guys!! Hope you all had a fabulous week! Leave me your links and I will visit back!


  1. BAHA! You make me laugh, Amy.

    One of the search items was books? Nice, lol. Goodbye Rebel Blue looks great!

    Enjoy your books, chick! <33

  2. Haha!! Now the thumbnail is changed so I have to edit the post. Yes, one of my search terms was books lol!!

  3. I really want to read Lost & Found! Enjoy! Puppies are so needy! When I got mine during the summer he woke me up every morning at 6 am. That last a couple weeks until I started just throwing her out into the backyard and going back to bed! LOL That actually worked for potty training her too since she was used to going outside. I dealt with those potty pads for weeks and she would just eat them. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I really want to read it too! Who knows when I will actually find time to, but I couldn't pass it up for $.99 That's a great deal! Lou is doing really good about going to the bathroom outside, but he goes to the door a lot and I think he has to go pee, but he just wants to go out and play. The few days it's been cooler have been nice though, because I just leave the back door open for him and he comes in and out as he pleases. At night he wants to play, so he constantly is waking us up. Lol!!

  4. Nice book haul, sweets. I hope you love Lost and Found as much as I did. Enjoy your books!

  5. Hope you love Lost & Found!!!

  6. Looks like you had a great week! I hope you enjoy Candy and the Cankersaur, that's a cute one!

  7. Oh, Skin in the Game is great, as with all Brazen titles, lol. Omg, you will LOVE Lost & Found and Silver Heart! Go Jesse & Sawyer! I have to know what you think of them so keep me updated!!!

    Confessions of a Vi3tBabe
    Deity Island

  8. Silver Heart....the name sounds awesome!

  9. I hope you love Lost and Found. I totally LOVE IT!

  10. OMG, YES for Lost & Found! Move it to the top of your TBR! I just counght Silver Heart cause I heard it was really good. Enjoy your books, and your puppy!

  11. Can't wait to see what you think of Lost & Found! You know I loved it.

  12. I almost requested Goodbye, Rebel Blue. I really wanted to because I want to read it badly, but I am being responsible and I just simply cannot fit another review book into that month! UGH.


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