Sunday, August 18, 2013

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (67)

Hi guys! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! At the time of scheduling this post, I am about to out to Boston to meet Giselle and some other fabulous book bloggers! I couldn't be more excited! By the time it actually posts, I will have already gone, but I needed to share how much I am looking forward to it! Anyways, I had a great week in books this week. I got a few books that I have been really looking forward to!

Books Mentioned

Bought/Kindle Freebies
Thank you to Harper Collins, William Morrow Books, Avon, Edelweiss, Kelley York, Tor Books, Andrea, Ellen, and Joanne & Karen Rock!

There will be no weekly recap because I ran out of time. I was running late and needed to leave to go out to Boston, so I apologize. :)

My search terms weren't that interesting so I decided not to put them. What bookish goodies did you get this week? Let me know in the comments and I will visit back tomorrow. We have a family get together today so I won't really be around until late. 


  1. Made of Stars looks interesting and I hope you had an ulter epic time at the Boston Book Bloggers meet up!

    Happy reading, Amy! <33

  2. Ahh I'm so glad that your meet up went well, from the tweets, I can totally understand your excitedness Giselle is awesome! I love all of the pictures you're tweeting :) Keeping Her sounds so cute, and I remember In a Fix was really good! You hosted a giveaway for it a long time ago, I remember. The swag looks adorable, and so does Camp Boyfriend! I love that friendship bracelet attached. Seriously.

    Fantastic haul, Amy! <33

  3. How exciting that you got to hang out with Giselle! I hope you ladies had a blast!! :)

    Enjoy your books this week!

  4. Great book haul! I can't wait to read Hard As it Gets! And I love Emily Snow's books. I'm so happy you received the book you won at the blog.

  5. It looks like you got some great books! I hope you're having a great time meeting Giselle and others!

  6. Loved Keeping Her! Enjoy all these great books.

  7. I got some great books at Target! Like White Trash Beautiful.

  8. Hope you had a great time! Enjoy your books!

  9. No search terms??! My week is ruined!

  10. haha I love how excited you were to meet up with G :D Hope you had a blast! Congrats on all the bookish goodness this week too, these are all new ones for me but Made of Stars looks/sounds good! Happy reading xo


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