Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Blogger Trick or Treat!!

So, I know there are tons of great Halloween Graphics that I could use for this, but I pretty much suck, so I didn't feel like looking for one. I could always use some of my own photos too, but again, too lazy. Lol!! Anyways... the awesome ladies over at Great Imaginations put together this super fun Halloween event to spread the spooky love!! If you don't follow them, you should. If you don't zombies should eat your brains. They also are both on Twitter. Find Lyn here, and Kara here. Now that I have babbled enough, I will get on with it. 

Each of the bloggers taking part in this event have chosen their favorite Halloween candy. There are a bunch that I love, but at this time of year I can't get enough of Kit- Kats. The little snack size ones are nice and easy to devour and I could consume ridiculous amounts of them. I love the original ones, but I also am a fan of the orange Halloween ones. (they are white chocolate, which I normally don't like much, but they are just awesome!)

Image Website
Look at all of that yumminess!! Who knew there were that many kinds?!!!

What better way to enjoy Kit-Kats then with a great book too. Luckily for you, Great Imaginations has put together a fantastic giveaway to win some awesome creepy reads!!! Don't forget to visit their blog and the other blogs on this fun event!!


  1. Oh man, Kit Kats are one of my absolute favorites too! I really, really want to try all those flavors!

  2. Yum, I love everything with chocolate. I never knew there were so many different flavors!

  3. I don't really eat candy much but yes, I could go for a Kit Kat bar.

  4. I love kit kats too! I haven't tried the orange ones though...

  5. Original kit-kat's are my all time favorite candy. Crisps and chocolate is just delightful. and the dark chocolate kind is also pretty good. Nice to meet another kit-kat fan! The orange kind is pretty good.

  6. I love Kit-Kats! They're always in my house around Halloween.

  7. Can take them or leave them. I'm more a chocolate and nuts kinda girl. If it has that then I'm in.


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