Friday, October 25, 2013

Book Promo: The Muse by Kenya Wright - Free on Amazon!! 10/25 - 10/27

Hello everyone!!! Some of you might remember the book spotlight I did for this book recently. Well, lucky for you, if you were interested in it, but haven't bought it yet, it's FREE this weekend!!! You heard me right! FREE!! As far as I know it's only on Amazon, but you could always check the other sites if you want. Anyways, I will give you the link below.

And, if you don't know what the book is about, or forgot, I will put the details below for you!!!

  • Publisher: Self Published
  • Publish Date: 10/12/13
"If you're looking for a read that is full of mystery, sexual tension, romance, and a little bit of eccentricity - this is the read for you."-Jamie's Book Reviews

"Another book that had me up into the wee hours reading it!! . . . I loved that this book was not only a suspense, but also a book about finding one's identity." Jesse's Book Blog.

"What happens when Death is the Muse?"

On the first day of her nude modeling job, Elle deals with a corpse, an eccentric dark artist, his sexy brother, and a grandmother that can see someone's future by just touching their hands. Although these crazy distractions shove her on edge, it's just what she needs to mend her battered heart and forget about her ex-boyfriend. Besides, she does get to live in their castle for the whole three months.

Everything seems magical and perfect. Until more dead bodies are discovered.

There's something going on at night, right in the artist's garden. Under the moonlight, young women are being cut and sliced, and no one has a clue to who's doing it. And the more Elle is around the weird family in the castle, the more she realizes that they all are hiding secrets.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go get it for FREE this weekend only!!!



    Thanks for sharing, Amy! <33

  2. Nice cover and its free! Even better :)

  3. This looks different and interesting. Thanks for sharing, hon!

  4. Heart that cover! It's kind of got that vibe you know. Atmospheric and creepy! :)

  5. Yay! I thought this book looked interesting and I didn't know it was free, so thanks for posting!

  6. omg that cover looks so pretty, and it's awesome that it's free! The idea of a mystery tied in with a nude model sounds really intriguing.

    Thanks for sharing, Amy! :) (Sorry I haven't been commenting that much recently hopefully I'll be doing more of this in the near future!)


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