Sunday, December 29, 2013

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (81) Yay For More Gifts!!!

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Hello loves!! I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday!! Mine was exhausting, but wonderful. I have learned that my kiddo is absolutely spoiled by everyone in the family. She got so much that I have to get rid of pretty much all of her old stuff to find places for the new stuff. Mostly she was excited about all of her new leap pad games. She loves that thing, but I can't complain because she really is learning things while using it. Anyways, now onto the books. I didn't get a lot this week, but what I did get was super awesome!! It also makes me feel like I might be able to catch up on reading! Yay!

Books Mentioned
A New iPod Nano (a purple one!) because my old one died on me and I can't very well listen to audiobooks without one. :) 

Thanks to St. Martins Press, Spencer Hill Press for having the free novella, and of course to my soulmate Giselle for being just totally awesomesauce!! She rocks my universe!!

So that's all I have this week. It was a toss up between buying myself a kindle fire or a new iPod, but I have a working kindle (just a regular one), but no working iPod, so that won out! I hope you all got some awesome things over the past week!! I can't wait to see all of your book hauls!


  1. Whee I'm glad that you had a fantastic Christmas! I used to LOVE those Leap Pad games too when I was younger, I'm really glad that they're still popular because they really are educational and fun at the same time. Giselle is so sweet I really hope you like Antigoddess and The Waking Dark. Ooh enjoy your new iPod. Maybe I should try to read an audiobook as part of my resolutions for the new year, they sound like such a great way to amplify my reading experience. <33

    Have a great new year, Amy!

  2. Sounds like your family had an amazing Christmas :D Congrats on all the sweet reads, Antigoddess is one I definitely want to get my hands on too!! Oh and YAY for a purple iPod!! Sweet. Enjoy girl!

  3. You got The Waking Dark! I hear nothing but great things about that one!
    My STS

  4. Ipod nano. I been thinking about getting one since I became a runner. Awesome books. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

  5. I LOVE the Apple purple products! Congrats on such a sweet gift!

  6. Enjoy your books and YAY for a new iPod!


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