Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (82)

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Wow, it's been three weeks since I have done a book haul post. I have quite a large one now since I was such a procrastinator. I didn't have a chance to do the vlog for this, so it's a pretty lame post. Sorry. 

Book Mentioned

Bought/Kindle Freebie
A big thank you to HarperTeen, Edelweiss, Scholastic, Macmillan, Netgalley,Bloomsbury, and Spencer Hill Press. These books all sound super awesome and I am looking forward to reading them!

I am not doing the weekly recap since this post is ridiculous already. I will be back on track for next week though. Leave me your link and I will try to get to your post before the playoff games!! GO PATRIOTS!!!  If not, I actually have Monday off so I will get to them then!


  1. I have high hopes for Second Star and Side Effects May Vary. I mean, it's a Peter Pan retelling! SQUEEE (well Second Star is, not SEMV lol)

    Fantastic haul, Amy! Happy reading. <33

  2. I was so thinking about 17 First Kisses. I'm gonna be interested in what you thought.

  3. I got some of the same HarperTeen books as you and I'm super excited for a lot of them because they have such a nice line of contemporary books lined up for the upcoming summer. I wasn't a fan of Side Effects May Vary, but the rest of the books seem to be amazing. Happy reading, Amy! <33

  4. Wow, you got a ton of books this week! I'm really excited for Fire & Flood! Bully was a really great book! Happy Reading this week Amy!

    Here's my STS:

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  5. You've got lots of cool book there! Enjoy :)

  6. Ooohhh Side Effects May Vary! Just got that one and I am so excited to start it! I really want Fire & Flood. Loved Shadow & Bone and hope you enjoy it too!

  7. Oh! Shadow and Bone! GREAT book!!


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