Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekly Recap / Stacking the Shelves (83)

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How was everyone's week? It was another fantastic book week for me! We got yet another snowstorm here though. I have to say, I am officially sick of winter this year. It's been brutally cold, and a storm pretty much every week. (Or few days.) Anyways, onto the stuff you care about! The books!!! I never did get to vlogging this week because hubs was around and I can't film with him here watching lol!! I was far too lazy to post the book covers at that point.

Books Mentioned

Bought/Kindle Freebie
Borrowed from Library
Thank you to Macmillan, Entangled Publishing, HaperTeen, and Edelweiss for the great books I got this week!!

I sucked at posting this week so I only had two reviews go up. See Jane Run by Hannah Jayne as part of the blog tour and Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. I also helped with the Cover Reveal for Losing Logan by Sherry Ficklin.

Hope all of you had a great week! I would love to see what goodies you added to your shelves. I know I have been a horrible commenter lately, but I am trying to get back to a good routine. :)


  1. I'm very curious about The Truth About Alice--I love the cover for it! Hope it's good. Ooh! Evertrue. That doesn't pub in the AUS until March. *sigh*

    Happy reading, Amy! <33

  2. Super jealous of The Truth about Alice because I am so opinionated about slut shaming and stuff like that so I hope you really like that one. Evertrue also looks like a great read, and I've seen many good reviews for it. Happy reading, Amy! <33

  3. We had a snowstorm last night, it sucked. We could barely see the buildings behind us it was coming down so thick.
    I never did continue reading the Everneath series after the first book, maybe someday I will though. I hope you enjoy all the books you got :)

  4. Oh, Knight Assassin's sounds good. I almost got that one. Enjoy.

  5. I still want to read The School for Good and Evil. It sounds really good, so I hope you like the sequel!

    I'm a bit tired of the cold too, but I don't really mind snow. it can be pretty. :)


  6. I got Knight Assassin also. Enjoy all your great books.

  7. I used to always post vlogs, but got so sick of hearing myself talk! lol I'm not familiar with a lot of those books, but I hope you enjoy them!


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